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Semana Santa en Sevilla

The Semana Santa in Sevilla starts on the 25th of the March and finishes at the 1st of Abril but some celebrations starts during the “Viernes de Dolores” and the “Sábado de Pasión”.

Tip for a trip during Semana Santa

During the Semana Santa in Sevilla streets are full of people, celebrating this special week. For some of you it could be a bit stressful and you would rather go out of the city. You can use this time to take a small vacation and travel to Canary Islands.

How to live like a local in Spain

When you arrive and settle in a new country, you want to fit in as quickly as possible, adopting the local customs and traditions. Because let's admit it, it's never really pleasant to be always referred to as 'the tourist'. So here are some tips on how to live like a local in Spain !

What to do in Seville during rainy days

Rainy days in Seville? This is probably a question that many of you ask, but yes, also in Seville sometimes fall a drop of a rain here and there. Unfortunately, like in a whole Europe, the weather went crazy in the last few weeks also in Seville, with heavy rain and wind. The worst thing is, that it lasts much longer than usually. So here comes the question, what to do in Seville, when this weather strikes? We are bringing you a few ideas :)

Día de Andalucía

The Day of Andalucía (Día de Andalucía) marks the anniversary of a referendum held on February 28, 1980. A large majority of voters supported this referendum for Andalucía to become an autonomous community in Spain.

Top 6 Picnic Spots in Seville

As we all have noticed the sunny days in Seville are finally coming back. And is there a better way to enjoy this lovely weather then with a picnic with friends? We think a picnic is always great idea, you can do it spontaneous while you are out with friends in the city or just grab your flat mates at home. Take some drinks, snacks and a blanket and let’s go! Even though the supermarket might be closed you can just step by the Chinese Market and get yourself some snacks and cold drinks. Just don´t forget cups or a bottle opener 😉 Now you will just need the perfect location to have you picnic at. Soo, we decided to give you our top 6 picnic spots in Seville: