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What is “La Noche de San Juan”

Every year, on the night of the 23rd of June at midnight, people all over Spain celebrate “la noche de San Juan”. But what is this celebration? Why do people celebrate? And what are the best places in Spain to go see it?

How To Support The Summer Heat Of Andalucía

With temperatures already reaching 40 degrees, Andalucía can seem like an oven during the months of summer…Although it’s nice to have hot and sunny days, the heat has some effects on your body. To avoid any disagreement due to a heat stroke, here are some tips to help you keep fresh and maintain your body temperature at a normal level.

Where To Watch the World Cup 2018 in Sevilla

Tomorrow is the opening ceremony of the 2018 edition of the FIFA World Cup! During a month, the whole planet is going to vibrate at the sounds of euphoric chants from the fans and whistling noises from the arbiters. If you want to feel part of that special atmosphere, what a better place to watch a game than in a bar? Here is a list of all the bars in Seville that are likely to show some games of the World Cup.

How To Travel Around Spain On A Budget

Spain has so much to offer to travelers! Beaches, mountains, national parks, beautiful cities…but sometimes finding the cheapest way to get to an amazing place and locating affordable housing can be quite a hassle, especially being a student. So here are some tips to travel as cheaply as possible !