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How to be more sustainable?

Hi guys and welcome back to a new blog post! This is the last one that I will write as my internship in Roomsevilla is almost over :( I would like to talk about a serious theme which is sustainability and how we could all be more sustainable in our daily life.

Best tv series

Hi guys and welcome back to a new blog post! Today instead of talking about trips I would rather talk about an other passion of mine, which are tv series. I've watched a lot of series during the years and I would like to share some of my favorites with you!

Scary movies for Halloween

Hi everyone! Welcome to a new blog post, since tomorrow is Halloween I thought I would recommend you some scary films or tv series to get you in the mood. So here is my list of my favorite scary movies, some are classics so you may know them already and some are new, so enjoy!

Trip to Cordoba

Hi guys, welcome to a new blog post! Today I would like to share with you some details about my trip to Cordoba for last weekend, so if you are interested or you are thinking about going there keep reading :)

4 outdoor excursions in Andalucia

Hi guys, it's Wednesday and you know what that means? That it is time for a brand new blog post! Today I would like to suggest you some outdoor routes that you can do during the weekend, since the weather now is not too hot neither too cold, so we have to take advantage of that.

Three beautiful cities worth visiting in Andalucia

There's no place like Andalucia, the mesmerizing, sun-kissed Spanish region, where glorious palaces whisper of wealthy Moorish kings, and passionate flamenco is woven into the fabric of everyday life. The true essence of Spain is here and there's no better way to capture the romance and drama of Southern Spain than by visiting these beautiful places in Andalucia.

Assumption of Mary

The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, celebrated on 15 August, is one of the oldest Marian feasts in the Catholic Church.The 15th of August is the day on which all towns and villages in Spain are celebrating. It is a national holiday that, coinciding with the summer, has been chosen to celebrate numerous acts and festivities in all corners of the country. The holiday will be celebrated this year on Thursday, which means for many people that we have a long weekend ahead of us!