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Top ten playas en Andalucia

Well guys you clearly notified that the days with over 40 degrees are over, which means that summer is eventually coming to an end. But since we are in Andalusia even in end of September we can enjoy warm sunny summer days. So, to enjoy those last few days I´ll give you a top ten of beaches in Andalusia.

Erasmus survival kit

Essential Erasmus survival kit that you should buy before going abroad. Those who are already doing an exchange do not worry, you can also buy this here ;)

53 funny facts about Spain

Hola chicos! I don’t know how much you know about the country you decided to have your year abroad but here I´ll give you some funny facts about this beautiful country.

Movies - series map of Seville

Have you ever wondered where some of the greatest movies and series where filmed? Yes, some of their famous scenes has been filmed right here in Seville ;)

Explore Sevillian History FOR FREE

Paying too much for over-crowded attractions and visiting countless museums isn’t really your thing? No worries mate, you’re not alone! Obviously, everyone would like to tell their family how much of a culture one experienced when on holiday. Nonetheless, it isn’t that easy to organize all the trips yourself considering you haven’t been to your chosen destination before and you’d like to inform yourself but relax at the same time. If you ask me, history CAN be interesting. The thing with history is, it makes a big difference in how all those interesting facts and events, and more importantly the meaning behind it, is conveyed.

A week of Spanish cuisine one shouldn’t miss out on!

Generally, when exploring the Spanish cuisine one will find a lot of amazing food ideas which we’d consider as surprisingly underrated or misunderstood, which is why we thought we’d give you some interesting insights into the Spanish delicacies. Despite the fact, that many delicious recipes are widely available abroad already and have spread successfully, there are many simple food ideas out there to explore and popularize if you ask us!