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1 day of Cordoba's best

When you have the opportunity to make a semester abroad you should travel as much as you can to get to know your new home country. We've taken this opportunity and made a day only sightseeing in Córdoba. Since it's only around 140 km away from Seville, you can easily reach it by bus or by blablacar. Also, it’s not a very big city so you can do the complete sightseeing by foot. In this blog entry, you can see our personal recommendations and how our day of sightseeing looked like.

1.First our journey took us to the beautiful place of Palacio de Viana. Like the name says it’s a palace with a lot of small gardens, which are full of flowers, plants and stunning fountains. It was a bit expensive, 8€ for the gardens and 4€ more if you also want to see the inside of the house, but we decided to only pay the 8€ and it was worth every cent. The place was not so crowded and the blooming was very nice. For us it was one of the most beautiful things in Córdoba.

2.Then we decided to discover the city centre and all the important streets and plazas. It took us almost 2 hours and was, of course, for free. We’ve been to places like Plaza de la Tendillas, to the Roman temple, Palacio de la Merced and Plaza de la Corredera. Really nice places but I recommend visiting them when you have more time then one day.

3.Also, we’ve been to, probably, the most famous building in Córdoba, the Mosque-Cathedral. This building is a very special place because of its history. After the Islamic occupation in Andalucía in 784, there was built a Mosque. However, after the Reconquista the Spanish people converted it into a Catholic church and today you can see the fusion of both religions there. It was the most expensive thing (10€) to see, but you definitely MUST SEE that impressive outcome of 2 completely different fused cultures.

4.After the magic tour in Mosque of Córdoba you must visit the tower bell which is the part of Mosque. The view from the top is priceless not only because of the mountains and bunch of white houses in the horizon but also because of the ancient energy in the air. The entrance to the tower is only 2 Euros and it’s worth to make good memories here!

5.Next to the Mosque there is the whole labyrinth of a narrow streets including really old jewish quarter. Juderia is full of cozy decorations on the walls, white buildings are partly coloured yellow and blue colours so it creates unique view for this quarter. What is more, there is one small street called Calleja de las Flores which is full of flowerpots on the walls!! When you cross this street to Mosque direction you can see the beautiful tower in between the walls! In order to get more energy, you can easily find the lovely place to eat. In one of these narrow streets we found really beautiful and quite cheap restaurant called Taberna Deanes. In 12 Euros are included the first plate, the second plate, the drink and the desert!! To explore Juderia and to eat took for us around 2 hours.

6.One of the best attractions in Cordoba for sure is the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos. When you enter the Alcázar it seems that you appear in the early past, probably hundreds or thousands years ago. Beautiful gardens and scrolling water in the lovely fountains are surrounded by ancient walls of the building, blooming flowers create a really powerful feeling. ! Admission for students is just only 2,30 Euros! If you want to see every small piece of this beautiful place it may take more than 2 hours.

7.Next to the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos there stands the Roman bridge of Córdoba which many years ago was the only acces to the city!! You can walk around and cross the bridge in order to see the view of the city from the other side and enjoy a perfect breeze coming from the Gualadalquivir river!