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1 day trip to Gibraltar

Since it’s getting colder and you probably already discovered every beach close to Seville, the season of city trips started! Our next trip took us to Gibraltar, a British city in Spain or also known as the ‘’End of Europe’’, because it’s the most southern point of Europe and only 14 km away from Africa.

1. How to get there?

The best way to get to Gibraltar is probably by car and as you might have noticed, renting a car is not that expensive in Spain, especially when you travel with your friends and you can share the costs. However, when you get there, we recommend you to park in the Spanish city ‘’La Línea’’, which is 1 km or even less away from the border, and not in Gibraltar, because there is a looot of traffic and not so much parking space.

2. Organization

As Gibraltar belongs to the UK, you will need to pass 2 border controls, so make sure you don’t forget your ID at home, otherwise you cannot entre! And also think about cash money, it doesn’t matter  Euro or Pounds, because every shop, bar, restaurant accepts both. Avoid using your debit or credit card because you will need to pay a fee to your bank for the exchange.

3. Things to do and to see

First of all, of course, the famous rock of Gibraltar with its monkeys. It’s the number one of sightseeing there and you have the opportunities to hike or to take the bus. We recommend to hike, it could be a little bit exhausting, but you can do as many stops as you want to enjoy the view and also stay there as long as you want. Also, please make sure you don’t touch the monkeys. They are peaceful animals, but as soon as you touch or annoys them they can act aggressive. Second thing to visit is the landing strip. You will cross it after the border control but make sure you don’t miss the amazing and individual view, but also be careful, because this landing stripe belongs to one of the most dangerous one in the whole world! And at least, enjoy your British meal or go shopping, it’s worth it! It’s a little bit cheaper, because it’s tax free until the amount of 200€.

4. Just enjoy your trip!! :)