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10 Things to do before moving abroad

When moving abroad there is always a lot of things to prepare before you can start a new life in a new country. Here are 10 tips that helps you to prepare your stay abroad:

1)  Checklist

Make a check-list with all the things you need to do before moving, this helps you to not forget anything important. 

2) Book your flights

When you have made the decision to move abroad, book your flights. The flight prices will rise, so make sure you book them early. 

3) Search information

It´s always good to know a little about your new city, search for information for example about the areas and attractions in the city.

4) Check the validity of your documents

Check the validity of your passport or ID, it´s so much easier to apply for the new passport in your homeland.

5) Healthcare

Check that you have all the vaccination you need and go to the dentist in your home country if needed.

6) Search for accommodation

When a lot of students arrive at the same time it can be hard to find a place to live, start to look for accommodation before moving.

7) Search for friends

It´s always good to know some people who are in the same situation that you. Join for example a Facebook group for Erasmus students in your new city.

8) Pack your things

When moving abroad you cannot take all your things with you so it´s important to plan what you are going to bring with you.

9) Say goodbye to your friends and family

When you are going to be a long time away from your family and friends remember to spend time with them before your leave.

10) Prepare yourself for new things

Moving abroad is a big change, be prepared that a lot of things can be different than in your country.

Now you are ready for your stay abroad, enjoy!