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10 Travel Packing Hacks

The time has come. Leaving this beautiful city and leaver your friends and flat mates behind. It´s sad but we knew the day would come. So to make your leaving and packing a Little more easier we prepared some helpful packing hacks for you guys !

1.Make a packing list!

This is the best way to keep an overview on what you packed and what still is missing. Since you stayed a long time you obviously will have a lot of things to pack. And to don’t forget anything keep yourself organized and write it all down.

2.Don’t roll or fold your clothes!

I know a lot of people roll their things because they think it safes a lot of space- but it really doesn’t! Especially, the big things like towers or blankets. Just lay them flat into your suitcase. Believe me you will have much more space. Also, you summer clothes like tops or short can help to use every inch of your suitcase. Leave them till the end and use them to fill in the free spaces.

3.Put your shoes in a plastic bag!

This is the best way to don’t get your clothes dirty. Aand also they take less space. Also, this way you can organize yourself better. Put all your summer sandals in one bag and your other shoes in another bag. This way you have them all together.

4.Use your pockets!

Your jewelry or adapters/ charging cable easily fit into your jeans pocket or jacket pocket. This way you know there are safe! But just don’t forget you put them there.

5.Keep your liquids together!

Especially when you have cabin language it is much easier to have them all together. Otherwise you will have to unpack everything and believe me you don’t want to do it. Also, you will need to go trough the security beeping thing more than ones and that isn’t fun at all.

6.Heavy things near the wheels!

One of the most annoying things is to have a suitcase which falls over all 2 seconds. So, to avoid this, keep in mind to pack your stuff carefully to keep the balance.

7.Leave unnecessary things!

I know over your stay here you collected a lot of stuff. So, you will need to decide what to take with you and what to leave. Don’t forget you need every space! So maybe you can leave something your lovely flat mates or friends. This way also they will have something that reminds them of you!

8.Wear heavy things!

Wear your heaviest shoes and jacket for the flight. I can assure you this safes a few kilos!

On the plane it is kind of chilly anyway.

9.Use Zipper bags!

Those honestly are awesome! You can use them for everything and their keep you organized too.And what is more important they safe a lot of space in your suitcase, just fill the empty spaces with your full zipper bag.

10.Use your cabin luggage wisely!

I know they only allow about 8 kilos for your cabin baggage, but did you ever see someone who actually checks it? This means you can easily use your cabin bag to carry your heavy things. Also, you can use it for things you don’t want to get broken.