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The price of the electricity rise to the 7,6% in the first two weeks of February due to the cold and the snow. Here below there are some advice that can help you to save more energy and so to pay less the bills. Check them out!

1. Turn off the light when you leave a room. It is obviously but doing this you can save between the 12% and the 20% of the energy destined to the lightning.

2. Use the air conditioner with a cold temperature of 24º and hot of 23º. It will save more than the 20% of the use of the air conditioning.

3. When the battery of your telephone, notebook or tablet is full you have to take off the charger because it continues to consume.

4. Avoid to open and close repeatedly the door of the fridge.

5. Don’t put hot food in the refrigerator.

6. Use the washing machine when it is full and with a short program. Avoid the drying function, it is the most expensive. It is better to wash with cold water.

7. Don’t use the oven to warm up the meal, use the microwave so you can save more than the 30% of energy.

8. Choose the appropriate container, better when it is small and it adapts to the quantity of the food you want to cook.

9. Don’t open constantly the oven to control if the food is cooked. This trick saves the 3% of the consume of the oven.

10. Don’t use the WC like a basket.

11. Turn off the water of the shower when you are soaping; you will save more than 50L for every shower.

12. Iron the maximum of clothes in one time, it will save more or less the 7% of the total energy.