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3 things you can do for free in Seville

To be abroad can be expensive, because you want to experience a lot of new things. Here are 3 things you can do for free in Seville:

1. Flamenco shows

If you want to see some dance and music, Seville offers you a lot of free Flamenco shows. A lot of bars organize small Flamenco shows, and you can find a free flamenco show almost every day. Check for example Heart of Seville that offers free Flamenco Tours with free shows.

At the moment there is also an event organized that offers Flamenco shows around the city. The event is until the end of this month and it´s called “La Bienal Flamenco”. You can find both free and not free shows.

2. Museums & tours

You can find many free tours in Sevilla. We recommend you this website:

They offer free tours in every different part of the city like: Triana, Maria Luisa Park, La Judería, etc. Through this way, you can really get to know the city better. The guides of these tours, will know everything about the city.

Here some tips for free museums in the city:

  1. Museum of fine arts in Sevilla. Free for citizens of the European union, for others it’s only €1.50
  2. Archaeological museum in Sevilla. Same prices as above.
  3. Museums of arts and traditions. Same prices as above.

The above museums are opens from 9am to 8pm and located in Museo Square.

  • Torre del Oro. A must go! Free on Monday, and on other days you only pay €3.

For other museums in Seville, you will have to pay…

3. Free sightseeing spots, know when to go!

We’re all students, so we don’t have much to spend, but still want to do some sightseeing. Here are some tips, when you should go visit the touristic spots.

On Monday between 4.30 and 6pm you can visit the Cathedral all for free, all you have to do is make a reservation by sending an email to:

Also, the Real Alcazar can be visited for free on Monday evening from 6-7pm! And!!! Remember to keep your ticket, because this ensures free entry to go on the Metropol parasol and the Centro cerámica Triana.

And don’t forget to bring a visit to the beautiful Maria Luisa Park and Plaza España.