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4 Places you should check out!

If you live or study in Seville you probably heard that Seville has a special colour. You can see it not only in the streets, culture or Sevillian cuisine but also feel it in the air. There are a lot of hidden places and corners that you must see and experience during your stay in adorable capital of Andalusia.

1. Caffe Jazz Naima

Alameda de Hercules is known as heart of the bars in Seville. However, in the streets next to Alameda you can also find a lot of special and cozy bars. One of them is Caffe Jazz Naima located in Calle Conde de Barajas 2. This place is perfect for jazz music and vintage interior lovers. Every evening you can listen to live jazz music and enjoy a glass of mature red wine in the cozy lightening. This bar also has a unique tradition: every evening you can see a painter painting portrait of random person that he chooses from the crowd. This tradition is mysterious because that chosen person has no clue about it and he probably never see the painting!!

2. Pizzeria La Tradizionale

In Feria, a popular street of cozy bars and a lot of small boutiques, vintage and unique shops, there are probably the best Pizzeria in Seville! Pizzeria La Tradizionale, located in Feria 96 is open till 1am Monday- Wednesday and till 2am Friday- Sunday so pizza can be the best choice for late dinner! Here you can order a good quality Italian pizza not only family or medium size but also take away just 1 or 2 slices of pizza! While you are waiting for your pizza you can enjoy bakers’ shows and see every step of cooking process. Nice atmosphere and good vibes are guaranteed here!!

3. Mercado de Feria (market)

During the daytime, this market is a ‘’normal market’’. You can buy there some super fresh and not too expensive vegetables, fruits and also fish and sea food. Very delicious! However, with the nighttime coming closer, it turns into a small and secret hotspot for local people to hang out, have dinner and have some cervezas or Tintos. It’s a little bit hidden and maybe you have to search for a few minutes, but it’s definitely worth it. The food they cook is very good, you can sit outside and the atmosphere is so lovely!

4. Hospital de Los Venerables Sacerdotes

What looks like a beautiful church now, was once a residence for Priests. The Hospital de Los Venerables Sacerdotes is a very hidden place, a lot of tourists or visiters of Seville don’t really know, which is such a pity, because it’s so stunning and beautiful. It was bild in the 17th. century and convinced with its amazing baroque architecture. It consists of the hospital, a church and a small outside area. If you’re interested in architecture or just discovering Seville, it’s definitely a place you have to see!