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The 5 most beautiful "Pueblos blancos" de Andalucia

Hi guys! In this blog post I would like to talk about some hidden treasures that Andalucia has, that is the "Pueblos blancos", which are small villages.

One of the main things that I like about Andalucia is that apart from the beautiful well-known cities like Sevilla, Granada, Malaga etc. you can also find on your way some hidden gems, such as the "Pueblos blancos" that are small white villages that often are unknown of the tourists.

Here I will present you some of my favorites:

1) Mijas: I recently went to this village and I can say that, even though when I visited it the weather was awful, this "pueblo" was so enchanting. It is situated near the mountains, above Fuengirola, in fact you can take a bus from Fuengirola to reach Mijas. It has a beautiful panoramic view, from which you can admire the coast. It also has a lot of small alleyways with flowers on the walls.


2) Another beautiful white village is for sure Osuna, where they also shot some scenes from Games of Thrones!

3) In Almeria you can find a small village named "Agua amarga", if you translate this name in English would be "bitter water". Apart of the village also the beach here is very beautiful.


4) Near Granada you can find the "pueblo" named Pampaneira, which is located in the "Alpujarra granadina". Here you can find a hippie atmosphere and very good food!

5) Ojén is a village situated near Malaga. The options of white villages in Malaga is huge, without a doubt Ojén is one of the best, for it's position, since it is located also near Marbella. It also hosts a indie festival.


This was all for today, have a nice weekend and until next week :)