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5 Spanish horror movies

Hi everyone! If you like to get a little scared, we can recommend you these 5 horror movies.

Most people know Spain from corrida, Barcelona, and Madrid but they don’t know that they are also known for horror movies. They have a lot of success in this genre witch people don’t know about, so today we want to show you 5 horror movies witch we think are the best.

  • 1)  [REC]    (2007)

A television reporter and a camera man follow the action of firefighters called to an emergency. Suddenly something terrifying happens and everyone is locked inside.

  • 2)  The Orphange    (2007)

Laura, with her husband and adopted son, moves into an empty orphanage. Their child starts playing with invisible friends.

  • 3)  Who Can Kill a Child?      (1976)

In this Spanish horror movie, a married couple heads for a resort island. There they find that the island has been overtaken by murderous children who cannot bear the sight of living adults. Naturally the couple are to be their next victims--if they do not escape first.

  • 4)  Julia’s eyes    (2010)

When, in mysterious circumstances, Sara's beautiful, sight regaining after a long illness disappears, her twin sister Julian can believe in the suicide suggested by the police. Despite her husband's requests for a puzzlingly close relationship with Sarah, the woman decides to investigate the causes of her sister's death on her own.

  • 5)  The skin I lived in      (2011)

Plastic surgeon Robert Ledgard is working on the creation of synthetic human skin. He carries out his experiments on a mysterious woman who is kept at home.