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5 Tips how to survive the exchange year

To move abroad and start a life in a new country can be a bit scary. Here are some advices how you can survive your year abroad:

1. How to make new friends

Honestly, there are so many ways to meet new people. I know, in the beginning it is always scary, but I have experienced every time when going abroad you meet lots of people. And it is easy, because most of the people are new to the city and are looking for friends.

You can meet friends in your apartment, in hostels, through couch-surfing, etc. Also, when you participate in an Erasmus program, you can go to the amount less welcome parties they throw. Be friendly, be open and you easily meet a lot of new cool people.

2. How to survive when feeling homesick

I have never suffered from home sickness, but I can imagine how terrible it must be when you are missing you family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend etc. But remember, nowadays we are living in the 21st century and almost everyone owns an iPhone, so you can FaceTime your loved ones at any time. Maybe you can bring something that reminds you of them. But I think the most effective way to survive homesickness, is to stay distracted. Therefore, go out, go discover the city, go on trip, make sure you have the best time!

3. How to learn a new language

There are many ways how to learn a new language, you can for example join a language course. There is a lot of Spanish courses in Seville, but if you are a costumer of Roomsevilla you get a discount from SevillaHabla language school.

Another good way how to learn Spanish is to download an application in your phone. For example, Duolingo is very good free application which helps you to learn new words, the grammar and to speak & listen.

It is also very important to speak, speak and speak, so go to the streets and parties and speak Spanish and try to make local friends.

4.How integrate into a new culture

So, the most important points to integrate into a new culture are: language, locals and food.

Of course, to participate in the daily life you have to learn the local language, as in this case Spanish. It’s the best way to not feel lost. Try to communicate in Spanish as much as possible and avoid speaking English. Then there are also the locals. Try to make friends with as many locals as possible. Not only know they the hotspots of the city and have some good recommendations, but also that will improve your language skills. You can meet locals either in some events, like Tandem events or you try to move into a shared flat with only locals.

And at least there is the food. Not word-for-word, but more metaphorical. Get to know the local kitchen and the local culture, and everything that has to do with your new home town. It’s very important to know your surroundings.

5.How to make your year abroad unforgettable

If you’ve been following the previous steps your year abroad will automatically become unforgettable. However, here are some extra tips, to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Do a lot of fiesta. If not in your semester or year abroad then when? The local people like to start partying from Thursday, however, for international students, there are a lot of fiestas the whole week. Especially the Erasmus Clubs are planning a lot of parties, so just join the Facebook groups and get inspired! Also, you should do as many trips as possible. From again, the Erasmus group, to tourism organizations, you have a lot of opportunities. Take the chance. It’s really not expensive and you get to know Spain or even other countries like Portugal or Morocco. And the last tip: do not stress yourself out, everything is going to be okay! Just lay back, enjoy your time and have fun. :-)