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7 Unique Ways to Enjoy Seville on Sundays

Sunday is the best day of the week to truly enjoy life like a local in Seville.

For the Sevillanos Sunday is the best day of the week to spend with family and friends. On this day you have the opportunity to enjoy the city and take in everything it has to offer. Here are our seven favorite things to do in Seville on Sundays for the perfect end to your weekend!

1. Visit the cathedral for free

You can normally visit the largest Gothic cathedral in the world for 9 euros but on Sundays, however, visits are absolutely free! This is the perfect opportunity to explore every nook and cranny of this impressive building, from the tomb of Christopher Columbus to the jaw-dropping views at the top of the Giralda. We think this might just be the perfect plan when visiting Seville on Sundays!

Address: Avenida de la Constitución, s/n

2. Wander through the collectors’ market in Plaza del Cabildo

Despite its proximity to the cathedral, not many visitors to Seville know about Plaza del Cabildo. Partially surrounded by a semi-circular building, the plaza is practically hidden in plain sight. Every Sunday, however, it fills with market stalls selling coins, stamps, antiques and other collector’s items. Even if you’re not a collector yourself, it’s a unique market in a beautiful, off-the-beaten path location. If you’re in Seville on Sundays, it’s definitely worth a wander.

3. Relax in the park

Relax! Take advantage of the city’s many beautiful parks and spend some time just strolling or lounging. From Parque María Luisa near the iconic Plaza de España to off-the-beaten-path hidden gem Parque de los Principes in Triana, the city is full of lush green spaces perfect for spending a Sunday afternoon. For a slow-paced, low-priced meal option, take a picnic lunch!

4. Enjoy the show at open mic night

Regular live performances on a Sunday night? Only in Seville! La Sra. Pop is famous for their delicious milkshakes by day and their entertaining open mic nights every Sunday. Hosted by local celebrity Daniel Mata, the events are where sevillanos go to show off their talents for singing, playing instruments, reciting poetry and more. The venue itself is comfortable, casual, and the perfect place to spend some time while visiting Seville on Sundays. If you’re feeling brave, step up to the mic yourself!

Address: Calle Amor de Dios, 55

5. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts

Even if you don’t fancy yourself much of an art aficionado, a visit to Seville’s Museum of Fine Arts is well worth your time. The museum itself is located in a stunning former convent—the perfect setting for some of the city’s most incredible masterpieces. With an entrance fee of just €1.50 (free for EU citizens), it’s one of the cheapest cultural activities in Seville on Sundays.

Address: Plaza del Museo, 9

6. Let yourself get lost in the picturesque streets

Sunday it’s the perfect opportunity to get lost in the narrow cobblestone streets of Barrio Santa Cruz or enjoy views of the city from Calle Betis along the river in Triana. Exploring one of the city’s many unique and diverse neighborhoods is one of our favorite things to do in Seville on Sundays!

7. Eat like a local

While many bars and restaurants close up shop on Sundays (especially in the evenings), there are others that are packed with locals practically from dawn til dusk! And no, not all of them are tourist traps, either. You might have to look a little harder, but there are quite a few excellent places to enjoy a good meal in Seville on Sundays.