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Salsa and Bachata

Hi everyone! How are you? In today’s blog will give you some more insights in two typical dances: Salsa and Bachata. You have also probably been invited for many many classes and events that have something to do with salsa and bachata. That’s why we thought it would be nice to write something about that, does it even come from Spain…?

Part 2 - Lotta and Julia

Hi people, Here you can find the updates of Lotta and Julia, we said that they would be here on Wednesday but later we thought would be better to first post something about Hispanic day. Hope you all had good long weekend. And wish you the best of luck for the new week. Hope you enjoy reading.

Hispanic Day

Hi guys! This friday it´s hispanic day! This means we´re all free! In this blog we will explain you why you are free on this specific day and what Hispanic day is.

Half-time! 2 months personal experiences 1/2

Hi everyone, it has been a while since we have let you know how we are. So far, it has been 2 months since we arrived to Seville, that means for the most of us half of the time is already over. We're experienced a lot of things, made mistakes in our daily life and learned from it. We would like to share the first part from Ausra and Diana of those experiences and on Wednesday we'll publish the thoughts of Lotta and Julia.

Secret places that you probably don't know

If you live or study in Seville you probably heard that Seville has a special colour. You can see it not only in the streets, culture or Sevillian cuisine but also feel it in the air. There are a lot of hidden places and corners that you must see and experience during your stay in adorable capital of Andalusia.

Inside clubs in Sevilla

Hey everyone! Another week, another blog! Summer is about to end… even though the temperatures are still high. But that means that the Terrazas are closing or are already closed. But it also means that the “inside” discotecas are about to open or are already opened!!! In this blog we will discuss the best inside discotecas.

The truth about Spanish stereotypes

Everybody creates them, every country has them: stereotypes. It’s the first thing that comes in your mind when you think about a special nation and it’s also influence your way of seeing people coming from or living in this country. However, have you ever asked yourself how many of them are true? Today, we’re going to speak a little bit of some of the most common Spanish stereotypes and find out what’s the actual matter.

Where to get the best views of Sevilla

When you are walking around the streets of Seville, you probably don’t think how the same places look like from above. However, there are many places where you can see a beautiful overview of Seville and plenty of its never-ending narrow streets.

Top 5 parks to visit in Seville

Sometimes the perfect way to spend your free time is just to relax and have a nice long walk by yourself or together with your friends. Additionally, you can also explore the nature and enjoy the perfect weather in one of these lovely parks.