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how to stop being sleepy?

Is it hard to start your day withiut cup of cofee? Or do you find yourself being sleepy during the day? Feeling sleepy often is not normal, and can be caused by different things, like the lack of sleep of course firstly , also health problems and boredom etc. But there are some ways to stop it except initially getting normal amout of sleep and dring cofee all the time, which can make you even nervous.

La Tomatina

Pictures of this holiday may look a little scary for a person who doesn't know what it's all about. But the truth is that La Tomatina is one of the most popular spanish traditions!

Learning the language through culture

As we all know, learning about the culture of a country is an essential part of learning a language. It is impossible to learn a language without learning its history, culture and customs. Some people say that learning about culture is the key to learning a language. These two spheres are mutually permeable.

How to be sustainable and save your money?

Everyone is realizing how sustainability is essencial nowaday, as many countries already facing with problems like climate change as a heatwaves, pollution of air, water and earth. So all of these makes us ask " How can i help this or at least not make worse?" So there are some ways how you could do that, also save your money in same time!

Most popular dishes from all over the world

Wondering what to cook for dinner? Do you want to taste the cultures of other, distant countries of the world? You can combine the pleasant with the useful, while cooking and learning about culinary secrets at the same time.

How to kill the boredom

Boredom is a negative word that's badly associated. But it doesn't have to be like that! You can use this time to do something interesting and unexpected. Here we will give you 10 ways to kill boredom.

Destinations for a weekend trip from Seville!

Andalusia is one of the most culturally rich regions in Spain. A place where you will find amazing people, breathtaking landscapes, delicious food, golden beaches drowning in sunlight, mountain peaks, and all this in the rhythm of the moving sounds of flamenco.

The paradise of Andalucia

In comparison to other cities of Andalucia, the most different and least crowded one is Cadiz. You will notice it, right after you arrive in the city by its breezy weather, white beautiful buildings and small cute streets surrounded by wonderful flowers and trees, also of course by its incredible beaches! Here you can find some useful tips and things to do in this amazing city:

Top 5 mistakes in language learning

When learning foreign languages, we struggle with various problems. Decline in concentration, lack of involvement or further motivation. Sounds familiar? You have nothing to worry about! If you do not know what you are doing wrong and how to prevent it, our today's post will surely help you. Take a look at the five most common mistakes of language learning.