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6th of December - national holiday

As you probably already know, Thursday the 6th December will be a national holiday and you will be free from work or uni! But what does Spain actually celebrate? And how? Find it out in this blog post.

Why is it celebrated?

Spain celebrates on this day, like the name already says, the constitution. The Spanish constitution was voted by the nation on the 6th December 1978, was signed by the former king, Juan Carlos l, on the 27th and came into force only two days later. That’s why that day is very important for the Spanish, they celebrate their democracy.

How is it celebrated?
Basically, most people just enjoy a long weekend and early Christmas holiday, because the 8th of December is another public holiday in Spain called - La Immaculada - the Day of the Immaculate Conception. It is common in Spain to take the day off that comes in between a public holiday, they are also calling it ‘‘hacer puente’’, which means ‘‘to make a bridge’’. But others also see this day as the perfect shopping day for Christmas gifts, since the big shops like Corte Ingles are open.

For those who want to know a little bit more about the history ;)

The constitution was a result of the ‘‘transition’’, a peaceful period of time after the end of the Franco-dictatorship and before the democracy. The new constitution replaced the former Franco-constitution and was inspired by the constitution of 1931.

In order to really understand how important that was, we need to go back to the Franco-dictatorship. That time is considered to be one of the darkest and most awful time for Spain in the last centuries. Franco only allowed his party, there was no written constitution, only the laws he made, he was a fascist and suppressed the nation. However, after his dead, the former Spanish king and the Spanish nation fought for the end of the Francoism and finally achieved their goal on the 29th December 1978, when Spain finally became a Democracy. Since that date, the Spanish constitution was only edited two times, 1992 to become a part of the EU and 2011 to add a law about debt cab.

If this is not a reason to celebrate!!