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Adrenaline seeker

Do you always have the necessity for an adrenaline or you just want to try something new that you will never forget?

Doing Erasmus exchange is a big thing but the activities down below are something more that will for sure stay in your memory forever. Look down to see what you can try here in Seville ;)


This recreational extreme sport will sure rush your blood through your veins. Jumping from the plane and free falling with 200 km per hour can be fun if you are not scared of heights of course. Here in Andalusia, 20 minutes driving out from Seville you can do it from 4600 meters above the Earth. This is maximum permitted jump from the highest altitude drop zone in Europe. When you arrive at the airport the instructor will give you brief instructions how to act in the air and then you are ready to go. Floating toward the earth will give you one of the most beautiful looks of our earth landscapes. This activity will for sure stay in your memory forever but still you can also buy some photos or video of your tandem jump to show it to others.

Bungee jumping

One of famous activities that also includes heights is called bungee jumping which is usually performed from the bridges. Here in Seville you can jump approximately from the 20 to 25 meters bridge. Tied with the rope to your legs you are ready to jump from the bridge, falling towards with you head to the ground. For an extra price you can buy the video of your memorable jump.

Car racing

If you are fan of racing you have probably already tried the karting and you can also try it here in Seville. But if you are a big car enthusiast you can also try to drive the Formula, Lamborghini, Ferrari and others famous cars on the race track just 15km from Seville. To find more information and prices visit the web page