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Become familiar with Spanish lifestyle!

Have you ever thought that something that doesn't look normal to you, can be considered as absolutely normal in another country? Here you can find out the specific features of Spanish culture that will help you to understand Spanish lifestyle better and to find an answer how to make the best of every situation that is not familiar to you!

5 signs that Sevilla is your city

It is not a secret anymore that a lot of people want to come back to Sevilla again and again or even to stay here forever when they visit it for the first time! So what kind of magic is happening here? Maybe it is just a good atmosphere, or maybe it has much deeper meaning… If you also noticed some of the following signs during your stay in Sevilla, probably you have never thought about it but Sevilla is your city!

Discover Seville's Surroundings

Hola! The city of Seville is, as you all know, really beautiful, but the places around Seville are not to be overlooked! If you have a car, we recommend you to drive to San Nicolás del Puerto, a village in the north of the province of Seville (Sierra Norte de Sevilla). Actually, to be more precise, we recommend you to visit Area Recreativa Nacimiento del Huéznar. This is a beautiful nature area where you can see a stream that leads you directly to a waterfall with little lake. To top that, the view is really stunning. It is high in the mountains, and it is a bit of a climb, especially if you want to see it all and have to go to the top, but it is definitely worth it.

First Day Worries

¡Hola! Last Friday I arrived in the sunny Seville. As it is my first time in Seville, and I did not know anything or anyone here, and I was worried about a few things. My biggest worries were finding my way in this big city and my room, what to do, and the language, which a barely speak.


Read our blog and discover the crazy nightlife Spain is famous for and have fun like a local! Find the best choice of clubs, bars and restaurants in Andalusia to make the most of your Spanish nights! We will present the most interesting pubs and restaurants in which you will get to know the real Spanish nightlife.

Sports in Spain

Spanish people love sport. In every region of Spain there is a fashion for a different kind of sport. Therefore, it is not possible to determine what exactly is their only major national sport. Just as many heads, as many ideas for entertainment.

Spanish sweets that you should try

If you are in Spain you can’t be on a diet because spanish people make a lot of gooooooooood sweet things and have really deep traditions for it. Probably any of traditional festivals here would not be so good without sweets, for example, as Cabalgata de los Reyes when there are thrown more than 100 tons of sweets!