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National holiday today!

So as you can probably already see many of the stores and services are today closed due to the national holiday called the Assumption of the Mary or Assumption of the Virgin. This feast is celebrate all over the country and not only in Seville.

Feria de Malaga

One of the best European festivals is right around the corner! The extravagant Feria de Malaga takes place every August in Malaga – located in Andalucía – and it lasts for almost 10 fun-filled days from 11th August to 20th. The nonstop party is one of the biggest and best-attended annual celebrations in Andalucía, and its’ heritage dates back to 1487.

Top 4 Gyms in Sevilla

Sevilla is a magnificent place to live in, as it gives you many great opportunities to spend your time sensibly and with joy. There are various activities that you can pursue throughout the city from daily activities to one time in life experiences.

Top 4 adventures you can't miss

​Ever wanted to do something that takes you away from everyday life? As beautiful as Andalusia is, a lot of us get stuck in the habit of doing normal daily activities of going to work, eating and going to sleep. However, there is no better time like the present and so why not escape one day to do one of many things you never thought you would do?

Benidorm the place to visit

Costa Blanca is one of the most famous tourist regions to visit in Spain. It is very popular among tourists for couple of reasons. Benidorm is a jewel in whole Costa Blanca, as it combines different cultures from all over the world, especially English and Spanish. Until the 1960s, Benidorm was a small fishing village; today it is known for its hotel industry, beaches and skyscrapers.

Events in Sevilla

As you may know, Sevilla is a very active city with a lot of activities to enjoy. But do you know all the famous events that attract people to this wonderful city ? Every year happen some celebrations and parties that you HAVE to know and experience to live as an accomplished Spanish citizen ! Some of them are related to Christian customs because Spain is a country with a strong religious way of life, but there is no need to be religious to enjoy and discover how great can be their celebrations.