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Top 10 Reggaeton songs

We all know that awkward Moment when you're in the club dancing and all, then suddenly it comes a song which you don’t know and you're just standing there all awkward moving to a beat you don’t know and you can’t enjoy really, do you? To avoid this awkwardness, we give you the top 10 songs played at the club with the youtube link, lyrics and little explanation what you are really dancing and singing to.

Puente de Pilar / Día de la Hispanidad

Tuesday, 12th of October marks the combo-holiday of the Virgin Saint “El Pilar” (La Virgen del Pilar) and the “Fiesta Nacional de España” – a.k.a. “Día de la Hispanidad“, commemorating the day in 1492 when Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas. A “Puente “, in Spanish, literally means “bridge”, and is the custom of taking a holiday, like this one, effectively stretching the weekend, creating a “bridge holiday” or long weekend. All of these “Puentes” are often used for taking little trips within Spain or even abroad The Fiesta Nacional de España is a big deal to many in Spain. Not many really think of it as a celebration of Columbus’ discovery, however. Mostly, it’s a nationalist day.

Top 5 Ice Cream in Seville

How to enjoy one of these beautiful late summer days in Seville ? The answer is ice cream ! I think we all agree that ice cream is awesome, so I thought to give you one of the top 5 "heladerias" in Seville you can enjoy.

The Bull and The Whiskey – the story behind it

Have you ever wondered while traveling threw Spain, what are these big giant metal bulls which stand near highways? Well, In this blog story we will tell you the story behind it, as well as why and how did these bulls start to appear in Spain!

Trip to Portugal

Don’t miss the opportunity and make sure you have unforgettable travel memories during your Erasmus stay. Only two hours away from Seville in the Algarve, Portugal, sun, sea, dream beaches and delicious cuisine are waiting for you. The Algarve is a natural hotspot on the Atlantic coast of Portugal and justifiably one of the most popular holiday regions in Europe. Fantastic sandy beaches with fantastic surf spots, dreamy fishing villages and pretty small towns as well as beautiful landscapes await you. We have compiled some tips one shouldn’t miss while visiting the Algarve in Portugal!

How to rent a car in Spain

Many people wonder, how can i get a car for the short term duration of my stay. Well it is more simple than you think. It can be complicated in some countries, but unlike them, the Spain is cheap and easy. So get ready to visit it with your own set of wheels at your disposal! Here you can find the detailed guide on how to rent a car in Spain.

Top ten playas en Andalucia

Well guys you clearly notified that the days with over 40 degrees are over, which means that summer is eventually coming to an end. But since we are in Andalusia even in end of September we can enjoy warm sunny summer days. So, to enjoy those last few days I´ll give you a top ten of beaches in Andalusia.