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Winter traveling

Why should you visit Andalucía during Winter? Everyone thinks that you should visit Andalucía during summer times, because it’s the sunniest region of Spain. But do not underestimate Andalucía during winter time, in this blog we will tell you why.

Festival Cines Sevilla

​Hi guys! It’s already Friday again, weeks are passing by… As well as the film festival, have you already went to see a movie? Tonight, and tomorrow are the last evening to go see a movie for an extremely cheap price!

Getting ready for your exams

The year is almost over and the first exams are already waiting around the corner. Most of the exams are starting in December, or at least in January, so you’re going to start with the preparations probably this month. That’s why we present you the best places where you can study here and also some alternatives to libraries.

Explore the beautiful nature of Andalucia

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend and that you had time to enjoy the nice weather. We have earlier given you some tips about clubs, cities to visit and much more, but this time we want to recommend another activity you can do outside of Seville, hiking.

1 day trip to Gibraltar

Since it’s getting colder and you probably already discovered every beach close to Seville, the season of city trips started! Our next trip took us to Gibraltar, a British city in Spain or also known as the ‘’End of Europe’’, because it’s the most southern point of Europe and only 14 km away from Africa.


Hi everyone! It’s Wednesday again…. So time for a new blog! I will tell you something about my latest trip to Lisboa, how to go, what to do there etc.

Why is worth to get lost in the Isla de la Cartuja

Did you know that Sevilla is unique not only because of its well-known majestic architecture in the city center but also of its individual neighbourhoods? Isla de la Cartuja is one of the most distinctive neighbourhoods which has to offer a lot of to someone who loves to explore hidden places. This magical Island also attracts bunch of students every day to Faculdad de Comunicación, one of the most popular faculties of Universidad de Sevilla.

Mes de danza

Hi everyone! I hope you all have had a nice holiday and you have celebrated Halloween well, even though the weather was not the best one. You probably didn´t know that this month is the month of dance in Seville. It means that you can find all kind of dances all around the city for free or for a small amount of money. There are shows from 28th of October until 11th of November.

How to spend rainy holiday in Sevilla

Sevilla has more than 7 months of sunny and really hot days, but… Before visiting or coming to Sevilla for the autumn or winter time you should know that during this period Sevilla has some rainy and cold days as well. We need to say that adaptation is quite hard when you already have experienced more than 40 degrees here! Although cold season in Sevilla has its own magic and there are few recommendations how to spend rainy holiday in Sevilla!

4 Halloween traditions you did not know about

Hope you all have had a good weekend. Soon it´s time to dress up and celebrate Halloween. We all probably have heard about the Halloween where people dress up and kids are asking for treats with the phrase "Trick or treat", but here are 4 Halloween traditions that you probably didn´t know about: