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Night Life Recommendations

Fresher’s week dear students is always the best in Sevilla. Being an exchange student and meet groups of friends while sharing accommodation; /rooms is an amazing experience. Nightlife is generally fun and vibrant in Sevilla. Alcohol are pretty strong here so DON’T TRIP ON IT. Drinks here are pretty deceiving with their sweet taste ; HOP, HOP and 3 you find yourself amazed by every little thing around you which pretty much confirms your drunk state. LOL!! Beware of Sevillas’ Tricks, they come in handy. Nightlife here is promiscuous, and there’s something for everyone each night. It is fun to be able to discover this beautiful city by night as not only as a student but a tourist. Sevilla possessed a great amount of bars and clubs that enlightens the streets with its animated people.


Students which go abroad for a study programme or an internship have one major issue in common which is of course, money. Not everyone can buy and do whatever they want, whenever they want. So, for those people we looked up the most important expense where you can save on a lot of money. This main expense where you can save on is of course, your groceries. In Sevilla there are tons of supermarkets throughout the city, but which one is the most beneficial. Below you can find a top 3 of which are believed to have the best price/quality ratio: