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Best ice-creams in Seville

Hot is finally arrived in Seville. Here below there are some of the best ice-cream parlors in Sevilla. Try them all!;)

1. HelArte

HelArte is a project by the chef Javier Ceballos and the landscapist and designer Jesús Gómez; it is about a combination between a ice-cream parlor and an art gallery. It offers home-made ice-creams, 100% natural sorbets, cakes and milk-shakes. The flavors are particular and the best ones are: yogurt with honey, dulce de leche and banana split. They are also experts in ice-creams for people who is allergic or intolerant: there are ice-creams gluten free and without lactose.

2. Freskura

It opened in 2007 and is a project by Elena Benedetti, Franco Casini, Alberti Franchini and Luca Borsari; they created the typical Italian ice-cream parlor. The shop has a big window so people can see all the phases in the preparation of the ice-cream. They use only products with a good quality and produce flavors without lactose and gluten free.

3. Jijona

This ice-cream parlor has more than 40 different flavors; the favorites one are “turrón de Jijona”, cream with pine nuts or walnuts, “merengada” and “tutti-frutti”. There are always new ice-creams and they can be transformed in fantastic milk-shakes.

4. Verdú

It is the oldest in Triana, it was founded in 1972 by Vicente Verdú and his wife. It has more than 70 different flavors: not only the classic ones but also unique ones like peanut with honey and salt or rebujito. Also here there are ice-creams thought for people who have problems with gluten or lactose. You have also to try the different slushes.

5. Rayas

It was founded in 1980 and it is one of the best ice-cream pour in Sevilla. Here the ingredients are fresh and of first rate. The beloved ones are Delicadeza, Carapinno and Nocciolosa.