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The Bike, City and You

Have you ever wondered why is it better to use a bike for the meaning of transportation instead of walking or suing public transport? Well here we will tell you why is it better and what are the benefits of using a bike!

Perhaps you have been thinking about a change in your life, or you wanted something new and fresh. 

So why not change the way you get from point A to point B? Public transport can be crowded and you need to wait for it to arrive and it follows its own schedule, as well it costs some money. Car on the other hand, offers a great flexibility in traveling in comfort but also brings up additional costs such as gas and maintenance as well as car insurance and road tax. For some it can be handy but everything comes with a price. If you life in a big city you might find it challenging and hard to find a parking spot as well as you will constantly experience traffic jams which will slow you down and cost you a lot of your time. 

So what is the solution? Its easy, you can just ride a bike which is about the most flexible mean of transportation you can ever get. Lets evaluate why.

1. Bikes dont cost you anything except for the initial purchase price. 

You can simply buy a bike for about 200 euros (good one) and never pay anything again. For comparison: It costs between 20 and 30 cents per mile to operate a car, depending on the vehicle. This is based on expenses like gas, oil, maintenance, etc., that go up when you drive more. This figure doesn’t include the hidden costs of vehicle ownership like depreciation, taxes, and insurance. These factors make the actual per mile cost to operate a car much higher. Also You'll never throw a rod on a bicycle, and dropping a transmission on a bike usually means replacing a bent derailleur hanger or worn-out chain. Bicycles do require service, but you can learn to perform most of it yourself. Even if you have a shop do things for you, costs will be trivial compared to a car.

2. Bicycling may be faster and more efficient than taking a car. 

The bikes are often faster than cars in urban areas, especially when city designers have set aside proper bike lanes. There's nothing more satisfying as a bicycle commuter than breezing past a long line of gridlocked traffic. Also it might seem that it will be faster to get from point A to point B in car, but this doesnt include parking time. In big cities parking is extremely difficult to find and in most of the times you are forced to pay for the parking which isnt convenient at all. Roughly you can spend up 20 minutes looking for a parking spot where as with a bike you dont need to think about such issue as you can just chain up your bike to anything close by to your point of destination.

3. You dont need any kind of license to drive it. 

Not everyone can get a driver's license (or wants one), not to mention a fact that it is relatively expensive to get, in Spain the price can be up to 1400 euros! Where as for the bikes, you dont need any kind of legal document to operate it, you just need a bike.  Almost everyone can afford some sort of bike, there are various models from 50 euro to thousands of euros, also dont forget that you can buy a second hand bike which could be VERY cheap. 

Other than walking, bicycles are the most cost-effective transportation on the planet.

4. It is just plain healthy!

Riding a bike is a proven stress releaser. Regardless of if you are riding purely for pleasure or for a specific purpose, such as to become more hard thinking about your life, you will arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, energized and happier about the world and yourself. Plus, being out on your bike is just flat-out fun. The more time you spend on two wheels, the harder it is to take yourself too seriously. Also the most obvious physical health benefit: depending on your riding style and local road conditions, you could easily burn 600 calories an hour through brisk cycling. 

Most bike commuters report losing 15 to 20 pounds during their first year in the saddle without changing their eating habits.

5. Low carbon footprint upon production.

A bicycle manufacturing, normally has a tiny carbon footprint when compared to a car production. All manufactured goods have environmental impact, but bicycles can be produced for a fraction of the materials, energy and shipping costs of a car. So by using a bike, you make it better for the environment and everything that surrounds us!