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Carnaval de Cadiz

The Carnival de Cadiz Pretty Sure you already heard of the Carnival of Cadiz, or even have been there !

The Carnival is in the beautiful city of Cadiz which btw is the oldest city of Spain. Anyway, you will not really see a lot about the city if you go to the carnival. The point of the carnival is basically to have fun and to get drunk soo you can get around, but you will see more people who are drunk than actually see the city. Its more like a huge “Botellon” which can be a lot of fun if you go with your friends. The Carnival takes part in the streets and they have some shows they do on the stage but not really have a parade.

However, it is a great opportunity to get to know knew people! Since they are a lot of Erasmus Clubs that organize a trip to Cadiz for the carnival. This means a lot of international students are going and also it is easy to get tickets. It will be 15€ if you go with ECS (Erasmus Club Sevilla) and ESN (Erasmus Network)

Another funny thing is if you and your friends get matching costumes or do a group costume. The Carnival is a great thing if you enjoy drinking and having fun!

But maybe you have asked yourself why it is in Cadiz and wondered about the origins of the Carnival. If so you can find the answer in the following:

The Origins of the Carnival

They actually go back to the 16th century, when Cadiz was a very important port in the Spanish empire. Back than the city received influences from the whole world. Venice was one of the cities which had a big influence and for that reason some traditions like the carnival were copied. They started to do the same in Cadiz too and it eventually became the Carnival of Cadiz.