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​Delicious Desserts around the World

Do you know the typical desserts for all the countries? Read more and find out! 😊 We picked 7 countries with special cakes that you will fell in love from the first sight. Most of them are pretty difficult to prepare, but you can always try ;)

Vegetarian Recipes for Students on Budget

Hello everyone! This week, we decided to please the vegetable lovers. Some of the recipes are super easy or do not need so many experience or ingredients. However, all the meals are super delicious so let’s look at them and try them out!

The Beginner Dinners that Will Easily Teach You How to Cook

Sometimes, making dinner can be so exhausting. It can be expensive, time-consuming, and the last thing you want to do after a long day of work or classes. However, it doesn't have to be that way! Here you can find all the easy, budget-friendly recipes we gathered for you. You will actually look forward discovering the meals and prepare them in your own kitchen.

Healthy Dinner Recipes Anyone Can Make

We are always happy to gather the new recipes for you to find an inspiration more easily. These 5 recipes will save you from pre-cooked already packed meals from the supermarkets freezers. Easy, quick or healthy – everything, you will find in following lines! Enjoy 😊

​The Most Delicious International Desserts

Today, we bring you the 10 most delicious international desserts that will take you on a sweet trip around the globe. It’s always nice to know the traditions of different countries so you can start learning right now! All the countries have multiple meals to offer but we picked the ones that we liked 😉 Also, including the recipes so you can try to surprise your family and friends

​Best Recipes For Students Ever

There’s no need to have freezer full of frozen lasagnas – learn these quick and easy student recipes and you’ll never look back! You will save money, be healthy (you will love it!) and you can show off your super delicious skills in front of your roommates too 😉

Delicious Breakfast Recipes

Hello! All the food blogs before were focusing on quick recipes so we could make your busy life easier. However, these following recipes can take a little bit more time to prepare. But we can guarantee that the outcome in the end will be delicious. So basically, you can make these for a great grab-n-go breakfast or an afternoon snack, for your friends or just as a treat for yourself.

​Student recipes on budget

Well, we all know students are all about saving money when it comes to food but eating on a budget doesn't always have to mean beans on toast, fast food or already prepared meals from the freezer. Dig in to one of these incredible dinners that are delicious but still cheap. You will love it!