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​The Most Delicious International Desserts

Today, we bring you the 10 most delicious international desserts that will take you on a sweet trip around the globe. It’s always nice to know the traditions of different countries so you can start learning right now! All the countries have multiple meals to offer but we picked the ones that we liked 😉 Also, including the recipes so you can try to surprise your family and friends

​Best Recipes For Students Ever

There’s no need to have freezer full of frozen lasagnas – learn these quick and easy student recipes and you’ll never look back! You will save money, be healthy (you will love it!) and you can show off your super delicious skills in front of your roommates too 😉

​Student recipes on budget

Well, we all know students are all about saving money when it comes to food but eating on a budget doesn't always have to mean beans on toast, fast food or already prepared meals from the freezer. Dig in to one of these incredible dinners that are delicious but still cheap. You will love it!

​5 Student Recipes That Should Be Illegal

Hello! Today we will not bring you healthy recipes so these few next days will be your cheat days. You have to try these 5 recipes that are so quick and easy and are worth to gain even few pounds. Today we will be starting with the dessert and then with even more delicious meals!

​Healthy quick breakfast recipes

Hello healthy people! As promised, we are bringing you the best student recipes once again. As in the last week food blog, there are quick and easy breakfast recipes for you, to inspire you to eat healthier and still enjoy the morning meal. You will save a lot of time too and we know it’s essential when you hurry to morning classes every day.

​Quick And Easy Ideas For Your Breakfast

Hello everybody! Once again, we found the best recipes for you. This week is about quick and easy breakfasts to inspire you to eat healthier and still enjoy the morning meal. You will save a lot of time too and we know it’s essential when you hurry to school.

5 Super Quick And Easy Student Breakfasts

No student looks forward to dragging themselves out of bed in the morning for 9am lectures. If you’re always tired in the morning and not having enough time for your breakfast, let’s change it! We have the tips for quick and easy meals for breakfast just perfect for students. It wouldn't be right if we didn't share it with you and you'll actually feel a bit better about having to get up before midday. Whether it's the kind of breakfast you can prepare once and eat all week, like these Make-Ahead Kale and Banana Pops, or fast Tropical Greek Yoghurt Breakfast Bowls, we've got covered.

Delicious desserts from only 4 ingredients!

Hello! We, in RoomSevilla, have decided to continue with our Food blog every Wednesday. For many of you, it can be the first time that you have to cook for yourself, maybe you already run out of ideas or you are just looking for something new to try. Every week, we will bring you few recipes that are quick, easy or made just from several ingredients to save you some time and money!

Student food abroad: Christmas recipes!

As you may know, friday is our FOOD BLOG day! RIght now we are 15 days away from Christmas and I hope you are all excited as we are, because you will find bellow 3 ideas of recipes for christmas. These 3 are definitely easy and can be done by everyone on this earth!

Student food abroad: Vlog003

Who is hungry, people? We would like to welcome you to the third week of Student food abroad! Today we will deal with salads. We have a very nice recipe and recommendation for you. Okay, maybe salads are not the number one food choice for students, but believe me you will love this salad. The best thing is that is super easy to made and you can also make it in big portions and share it with your flatmates, they will really appreciate it. We will show you now step by step how to make the Mango & Cashew salad in less than 5 minutes