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What are the best summer terraces in Seville?

The sunny days are finally here! And with them, the summer clubs and terraces are opening again (soon!). These terraces offer two different types of atmospheres. In the evening, they are calm places with background music where you can come have a drink or two with your friends, cool down and get away from the city and its heat. Nonetheless, at night, the mood changes and some of them turn into real open-air clubs, where you can dance and enjoy the best music of the moment. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the best ones you can go to.


Read our blog and discover the crazy nightlife Spain is famous for and have fun like a local! Find the best choice of clubs, bars and restaurants in Andalusia to make the most of your Spanish nights! We will present the most interesting pubs and restaurants in which you will get to know the real Spanish nightlife.

Inside clubs in Sevilla

Hey everyone! Another week, another blog! Summer is about to end… even though the temperatures are still high. But that means that the Terrazas are closing or are already closed. But it also means that the “inside” discotecas are about to open or are already opened!!! In this blog we will discuss the best inside discotecas.

The nightlife in Seville

The nightlife in Seville is very good, there are a lot of bars and clubs where you can have an unforgettable night. Here are some of our own recommendations we like to share with you:

Top 10 Reggaeton songs

We all know that awkward Moment when you're in the club dancing and all, then suddenly it comes a song which you don’t know and you're just standing there all awkward moving to a beat you don’t know and you can’t enjoy really, do you? To avoid this awkwardness, we give you the top 10 songs played at the club with the youtube link, lyrics and little explanation what you are really dancing and singing to.

Noche de San Juan

Although it might seem like summer has already started here in Andalusia, tonight will be The Night of San Juan which celebrates the summer solstice marking the longest the day of the year and officially the beginning of Summer!

Night Life Recommendations

Fresher’s week dear students is always the best in Sevilla. Being an exchange student and meet groups of friends while sharing accommodation; /rooms is an amazing experience. Nightlife is generally fun and vibrant in Sevilla. Alcohol are pretty strong here so DON’T TRIP ON IT. Drinks here are pretty deceiving with their sweet taste ; HOP, HOP and 3 you find yourself amazed by every little thing around you which pretty much confirms your drunk state. LOL!! Beware of Sevillas’ Tricks, they come in handy. Nightlife here is promiscuous, and there’s something for everyone each night. It is fun to be able to discover this beautiful city by night as not only as a student but a tourist. Sevilla possessed a great amount of bars and clubs that enlightens the streets with its animated people.