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Top 4 Gyms in Sevilla

Sevilla is a magnificent place to live in, as it gives you many great opportunities to spend your time sensibly and with joy. There are various activities that you can pursue throughout the city from daily activities to one time in life experiences.

Top 4 adventures you can't miss

​Ever wanted to do something that takes you away from everyday life? As beautiful as Andalusia is, a lot of us get stuck in the habit of doing normal daily activities of going to work, eating and going to sleep. However, there is no better time like the present and so why not escape one day to do one of many things you never thought you would do?

Swimming pools in Seville

The thing that is most missing in Seville is probably the sea with a nice beach, and with this hot weather you might be asking where to find a pool. Paradoxically the city doesn’t have a big public open air pool, so today i’ll show you all the places you can go to survive the hot temperature in the city!

Outdoor activities by Guadalquivir river

If you’re staying in Seville during spring you might enjoy doing some open air activities as long as the temperature is not too hot. Along the river Guadalquivir is really easy to see people practicing different types of sport and activities, enjoying sun and nature just next to the city center.