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Benidorm the place to visit

Costa Blanca is one of the most famous tourist regions to visit in Spain. It is very popular among tourists for couple of reasons. Benidorm is a jewel in whole Costa Blanca, as it combines different cultures from all over the world, especially English and Spanish. Until the 1960s, Benidorm was a small fishing village; today it is known for its hotel industry, beaches and skyscrapers.

Most Beautiful Small Towns in Spain That Are Worth Visit Part II

Last week, we brought you 5 gorgeous tiny towns that are worth visit when coming to Spain. Although, these beautiful cities are not the only ones. If you don’t like touristy places with overpriced restaurants, you can choose to visit the small, calm towns which we picked for you. If you decide to go, then enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

Most Beautiful Small Towns in Spain That Are Worth Visit

When people plan their trip to Spain, of course they think about Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. Although, these beautiful cities are not the only thing that Spain offers. If you don’t want to be stuck in endless queues with many tourists all around you, you can choose to visit the small, calm towns which we picked for you. There are too many amazing towns so we will bring you more next week, but we just tried to pick few today, for you, to discover them and enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

​Discover Beautiful Valencia

Valencia is one of the most beautiful places in whole Spain. With amazing architecture, clear beaches and many, many parks and jardins it will take your breath away. Don’t forget about the delicious food too. Now, during June you can fly there from Sevilla for only 23 euros, so take you friends and pack your bags!

Exploring Tenerife

To those of you who will be free from exams soon, perhaps not soon enough for some of you, why not consider visiting one of Spain's beautiful volcanic islands? In Tenerife there is a complete range of things to do no matter what you're interested in, whether it be long relaxing days at the beach with a cold Mojito in your hand in Playa de las Americas or trekking to the top of El Teide, the third highest volcanic in the world base-to-peak outside of Hawaii. With affordable flights leaving from Malaga, you can easily visit one of these wonderful islands without emptying your bank account.

10 fascinating facts about Andalusia

When foreign people think about Spain, they usually think about images of Andalusian culture. The South of Spain is for sure unique and you can always find something new to discover, such as these ten curious facts about this beautiful region!

​Trip to Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world and has some of the most unique and inspiring architecture, so a tour of the city's parks, museums and churches is a must. So as a true Erasmus student in Andalucía you shouldn’t hesitate and visit this amazing city. Prepare yourself for a few days of lot of walking. After seeing infinity of beautiful sights and tourists, you can later relax in on of the many many restaurants or bars with a cool cerveza or glass of cava, accompanied by some tapas, all the while enjoying a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean. Today we picked the most amazing places to go to lure you into traveling to this special destination.

​Trip to Madrid

If you are in Spain for the Erasmus program you should probably not miss on an opportunity to visit the capital city of Spain. Madrid is a beautiful large city with many and many touristic attractions, restaurants, parks, shops, museums or galleries. Everyone can find something that he or she will love about this city. Today we will bring you maybe a little bit touristy attractions but still the most beautiful places in Madrid.

Las setas de Seville

Since I’ve been in Seville everyone has been talking about a great sunset. I was wondering where they were all watching this beautiful sunset. Some Korean girls were telling me that it was one of the most incredible things they’ve ever seen. I was so curious, so last Sunday I finally went! And I can tell you people, it was so worth it!

What to do in Cadiz

When spending your Erasmus in Andalucía a visit to Cadiz is something that definitely needs to be on your to do-list. Cadiz is a typical Andalucía city, situated in the south of Spain, and is the oldest continuously habited city in Spain. With its beaches and its well preserved landmarks Cadiz will not fail to amaze you.