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Trip to Gibraltar

Red pillar boxes, fish-and-chip shops and creaky 1970s seaside hotels – all those typically British thing can be found in Gibraltar. The Rock of Gibraltar is located really near to many Andalusian cities. It is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and you can see the coast of Africa off in the distance. I think this is a must experience destination, especially the Nature Reserve. But before travelling to the “End of Europe” there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

Trip to Portugal

Don’t miss the opportunity and make sure you have unforgettable travel memories during your Erasmus stay. Only two hours away from Seville in the Algarve, Portugal, sun, sea, dream beaches and delicious cuisine are waiting for you. The Algarve is a natural hotspot on the Atlantic coast of Portugal and justifiably one of the most popular holiday regions in Europe. Fantastic sandy beaches with fantastic surf spots, dreamy fishing villages and pretty small towns as well as beautiful landscapes await you. We have compiled some tips one shouldn’t miss while visiting the Algarve in Portugal!

Traveling With A Broken Bank Account

For every student, there is a poorly bank account that is crying out for help, which means that for those of you whose only wish is to travel to discover another beautiful part of the world, it can definitely make things a little tricky. There are however some ways to make these ‘around the world in 80 days’ trips a lot less expensive and maybe even giving you some unforgettable experiences you didn’t even see coming! So here are several ideas to help with your spontaneous travels whilst on a budget..

Trip to Morocco

If you've run out of ideas for your trips, the solution for the next long weekend might Africa! From the main cities of Andalusia you can in fact join organized excursions to the North of Morocco, which is only one hour by ferry away from Spain, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar.

Trip to Southern Portugal

May is the perfect month to do some trips to the beach, so here you’ll find the best destinations you can easily reach from Andalusia for a few days trip in the beautiful Southern part of Portugal! .

Few days trip to Lisbon

One of the trips you can do from Andalusia is going to visit Portugal, where besides beautiful beaches you can pick some interesting city and Lisbon is just few hours driving far from the Andalusian capital.

5 destinations you cannot miss before you’re 25

Nowadays, most of the young people are travelers at heart who want to discover the most beautiful places. However, forget about mainstream cities as New York, LA or London. The places that you have to visit before you’re 25 that we offer in this blog are much more amazing and much more fun!

​One Day Trip to Gibraltar

This weekend we decided to travel more and created a plan where Gibraltar could not be missing. Because of the hot weather and free time, we were discovering the beaches in the South Andalucia, Cadiz and most importantly Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a unique place for the curious travelers. Take time to explore the caves and tunnels especially those not meant for tourists! The inside of the rock is an absolute labyrinth with secret roads and tunnels four times longer than those on the surface.

Weekend in Granada

Granada is one of the most attractive cities for tourist in Andalucia. We had the opportunity to visit the city and it was a nice trip. The city itself is beautiful with narrow streets, and the mountains around are very stunning. Some say that Granada is both the warmest and the coldest city at the same time in Spain. So if you are going there in Winter, don’t forget warmer jacket :)