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1 day trip to Gibraltar

Since it’s getting colder and you probably already discovered every beach close to Seville, the season of city trips started! Our next trip took us to Gibraltar, a British city in Spain or also known as the ‘’End of Europe’’, because it’s the most southern point of Europe and only 14 km away from Africa.


Hi everyone! It’s Wednesday again…. So time for a new blog! I will tell you something about my latest trip to Lisboa, how to go, what to do there etc.

Why is worth to get lost in the Isla de la Cartuja

Did you know that Sevilla is unique not only because of its well-known majestic architecture in the city center but also of its individual neighbourhoods? Isla de la Cartuja is one of the most distinctive neighbourhoods which has to offer a lot of to someone who loves to explore hidden places. This magical Island also attracts bunch of students every day to Faculdad de Comunicación, one of the most popular faculties of Universidad de Sevilla.

1 day of Cordoba's best

When you have the opportunity to make a semester abroad you should travel as much as you can to get to know your new home country. We've taken this opportunity and made a day only sightseeing in Córdoba. Since it's only around 140 km away from Seville, you can easily reach it by bus or by blablacar. Also, it’s not a very big city so you can do the complete sightseeing by foot. In this blog entry, you can see our personal recommendations and how our day of sightseeing looked like.

Beaches you HAVE TO visit

As the summer and beach season are ending, and you don’t have a lot of time left to visit all those beautiful beaches out here, here is a some help for you, to decide which one is the best for you.

How To Travel Around Spain On A Budget

Spain has so much to offer to travelers! Beaches, mountains, national parks, beautiful cities…but sometimes finding the cheapest way to get to an amazing place and locating affordable housing can be quite a hassle, especially being a student. So here are some tips to travel as cheaply as possible !

The Best Hiking Trails in Andalucia

Andalusia is famous for its beaches, where everyone escapes to when the heat becomes unbearable in the city. However, laying in the sun is not the only activity that you can do in this wonderful region! There are a lot of amazing hiking trails that will take you to breathtaking views. Here are a few :)

Tip for a trip during Semana Santa

During the Semana Santa in Sevilla streets are full of people, celebrating this special week. For some of you it could be a bit stressful and you would rather go out of the city. You can use this time to take a small vacation and travel to Canary Islands.