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The most helpful apps for listening to music on your phone!

Who doesn't love listening to the music while traveling? I think no one! When we spend a lot of time traveling by bus, train or plane, we have to find the best ways to deal with the boredom. Listening to our favourite music is one of the best things which we can do in that case. There is a lot of apps which can help us with this, without worrying about internet access or range on the phone!

how to stop being sleepy?

Is it hard to start your day withiut cup of cofee? Or do you find yourself being sleepy during the day? Feeling sleepy often is not normal, and can be caused by different things, like the lack of sleep of course firstly , also health problems and boredom etc. But there are some ways to stop it except initially getting normal amout of sleep and dring cofee all the time, which can make you even nervous.

Rain... What now?

When people think about Seville, they are picturing blue skies with the sun. Unfortunately, the rain exists here too, as you probably have noticed today. Here we have some tips on how to spend your time nicely on a rainy day! :)

How to live life in Spain

When you arrive and settle in a new country, you want to fit in as quickly as possible, adopting the local customs and traditions. Because let's admit it, it's never really pleasant to be always referred to as 'the tourist'. So here are some tips on how to live like a local in Spain !

Best apps for learning Spanish

Gone are the days of writing hundreds of flashcards to help memorize Spanish verbs. Instead, download the following apps we mention below. While attending language classes is important in helping you improve your grasp of Spanish and acclimatise to your new country, there are some more relaxed ways you can build your skills outside of the classroom.

Become familiar with Spanish lifestyle!

Have you ever thought that something that doesn't look normal to you, can be considered as absolutely normal in another country? Here you can find out the specific features of Spanish culture that will help you to understand Spanish lifestyle better and to find an answer how to make the best of every situation that is not familiar to you!

5 signs that Sevilla is your city

It is not a secret anymore that a lot of people want to come back to Sevilla again and again or even to stay here forever when they visit it for the first time! So what kind of magic is happening here? Maybe it is just a good atmosphere, or maybe it has much deeper meaning… If you also noticed some of the following signs during your stay in Sevilla, probably you have never thought about it but Sevilla is your city!