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The price of the electricity rise to the 7,6% in the first two weeks of February due to the cold and the snow. Here below there are some advice that can help you to save more energy and so to pay less the bills. Check them out!

How to save money as a student

Probably many of you have sometimes asked yourself: "Where did I spend that money? I didn´t buy anything!". Yes, sure, sometimes it is really easy to lost the track of your expenses, and it is even more difficult to handle this situation if you are a student and don´t have a permanent income. Fortunately, we are bringing you here some tips how you can save that extra money ;)

10 Travel Packing Hacks

The time has come. Leaving this beautiful city and leaver your friends and flat mates behind. It´s sad but we knew the day would come. So to make your leaving and packing a Little more easier we prepared some helpful packing hacks for you guys !

What is Cyber Monday?

The Monday after Thanksgiving is Cyber Monday. It usually starts at midnight Eastern time. All major online stores use this day as an excuse to have sales and other promotions like free shipping. Get your shopping done without venturing out and fighting for parking.