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Leaving for new adventures THE THREE MOST USEFUL ADVICES

Talking about experiences. It’s almost time to leave your motherland, your comfort zone for a new land, a new country, a new life style. Some of you might be frightened, the unknown is pretty scary sometimes.
 Some of you would be really excited, beginning a new life, living new experiences, a bit stressed but the excitation is more intense than the rest. Some of you have to come, but you don’t want to. A lot to organize, so much to get ready for. Is that really worth it? Some of you might be subconsciously trying to escape from your current life, is that really why you’re doing an Erasmus semester abroad? You should firstly figure out why you’re in it. It might help you to think of questions that actually lead to Nevermind the reason(s) why, let’s make the best of your new adventure abroad !

15 Portuguese Phrases To Help You Get By

Portugal is only a few hours away so it is without a doubt that some of you may be considering to go on a mini vacation to the stunning sandy beaches. If you are worried about not speaking a word of the beautiful language that is Portuguese, these phrases might just help you out for that weekend trip to Faro you´ve been planning.

Surviving Andalusia in Summer 101

So it's getting to that time of year where the majority of Spaniards leave the cities for the summer and its' intense heat. However, if you are someone who is not exactly used to this level of heat and you are reading this wishing you were in a refreshingly cool pool even if it's meant for toddlers, continue reading for our top 8 tips on how to survive a summer in one of the warmest areas in Europe.