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Christmas in Malaga

One thing you can’t miss during your stay abroad in Seville, is to travel to Malaga and to see its Christmas lights and Christmas markets. Or at least, this is what a lot of people say and blogs recommend. But is it really worth it?

To start with the Christmas markets. In Malaga, there are some Christmas markets spread all over the city center. You can buy food, snacks, drinks, there are even some small ‘’open air’’ bars which offer you different kind of food, but you can also find clothes, jewelry, candles and other small stuff. So, it’s not something very special, compared to the markets here in Seville. However, there is one market which really convinced me, the one next to the port. It’s really nice to sit down there for a Tinto de Verano or beer, enjoy the sunset at the sea and watch other people shopping at the Christmas market. Very nice atmosphere!

And to continue with the lights. The lights in Malaga are very impressive and beautiful, this is why the city is so famous for them and there are a lot of people who want to see it. And I really mean, a lot of people. Unfortunately, I’ve been there last Thursday which was a holiday and I guess that was the problem, because it was completely crowded and that wasn’t very nice. The people (with children!!) pushed and jostled themselves through the crowd which was awful, but I think if you go on a Friday or any other weekday it might be more comfortable. 


However, it was a very nice experience to see the lights going on, with all the children’s smiles and the nice music.

Also, I visited the small city next to Malaga, Fuengirola, and if you don’t like crowded place, I would recommend you to go there. It costs 3,60€ from Malaga Centro tram station and it’s really worth it! You have the sea, a cute and cozy Christmas market and very special (not crowded) Christmas lights.

So, to sum up, the lights and markets are really nice and worth to see, but I, personally, wouldn’t go there again on the weekend or on a holiday. Probably it’s better to make a road trip to Costa del Sol and check out the small towns with their nice Christmas lightings.