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Corpus Christi in Seville

Corpus Christi in Seville is one of the most important days of the year;

is a local holiday in Seville and some town in the province. The procession is celebrated during Thursday morning following Trinity Sunday, 60 days after Palm Sunday; it has no place on a fixed date and this year will be on Thursday 31 May. The religious festival is especially important in Seville, being of the few Spanish cities that maintains its celebration original day.

In the procession and during the next seven days you can admire one of the oldest traditions and peculiar city: dancing and singing before the Blessed Sixes; of which no record from the fifteenth century. For this occasion they are dressed in red and white.

In addition to Thursday, Corpus Christi has events the next weekend in Seville, on Saturday and Sunday. The celebration is dedicated to the body and blood of Jesus since the Middle Ages.

The city is decked out to celebrate the Corpus. Highlight the archways at San Francisco square, but all the Seville downtown are decorated to mark the Corpus Day. Throughout the week and especially Wednesday afternoon and night, Sevillian people dress balconies and windows and install Altars in every corner.

The Cathedral is open to the public on Wednesday afternoon to visit the Pasos. The figures are already waiting for the departure the next morning. Since Wednesday night and especially on Thursday, Sevillian people full the streets of rosemary and aromatic flowers for the Corpus Christi in Seville. Joined to the incense of the procession permeates the city with a very characteristic odor.

The program of today is this:

➡ 20:00: passacaglia music of the bands by Consejo de Bandas.

➡ 20:00 Plaza de San Francisco: concert by Unidad de Música del Acuartelamiento Aéreo de Tablada and by la Banda del Cuartel General de la Fuerza Terrestre (antiguo Soria 9). In the recital there will be also this singers: José Manuel Soto, Erika Leiva y Joana Jiménez.

➡ 21:30: La Compañía de Teatro del Círculo Mercantil will play the auto sacramental‘El gran Teatro del mundo’ of Calderón de la Barca,by Compañía de Teatro del Círculo Mercantil.