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Daily life in Sevilla

Hey People! Hope you are all doing great! What do you guys do in your free time (except eating and partying)? We of RoomSevilla will tell you what we do.


So, for me a normal day starts with going to the gym before work. Luckily, I’m living in the city center so I had a lot of options to choose between. However, I decide to go to ‘’Sevilla Gym’’, it’s pretty near to my apartment and also isn’t that expensive, compared to the gyms in Germany. The price of ‘’Sevilla Gym’’ depends on how many months you’ll stay there, the longer you stay, the cheaper it gets. After gym, I normally go to work and come back in the evening. Then I rather have my Spanish lessons, go to dance classes or meet my friends for some tintos de verano and tapas. If you are also interested in dancing you can also join the ‘’Sevilla Dance Center’’, it’s near to Alameda and costs you more or less 45€ monthly, a little bit expensive, but they offer several different dance styles. And if want to read more about where to go out for some drinks, you can check out one of our last posts: The nightlife in Seville, available on: .


Haha this is a hard one to write about, because when I am not working I am either going for dinner, drinks or parties with my friends in the city center. But of course, there is so much more to do in the city. Last Monday we went to the Seta’s (Metropol Parasol) for only 3 euros you can go upstairs and enjoy an amazing view of Sevilla.

Furthermore, I really like to go shopping. The little boutiques and vintage shops in Alfalfa are really cool to go to. Also, if you like to do your nails, you should go to “Nail Factory” for only €9,90 you can get really nice nails. Well, for the rest I have not much to say, I still have to go do a lot of things myself. Soooo if you have any tips for me, they are more than welcome!!! Oh and I am also taking Spanish classes at SevillaHabla J


Although Seville is a very touristic city there are many activities to do when you become a“local in the city”. So I can give you some advices what to do and better not to do in Seville based on my own experience.

Advice 1. As you can see, in Seville you have a lot of parks and green places. You could for example make a picnic next to Guadalquivir river with your friends!

Advice 2. If you like an active lifestyle you should go for a run or for a quick walk in Maria Luisa Park or next to the river. Just be careful! The best time for a run is early in the morning or in the evening and it is necessary to have a bottle of water all the time! Remember that you can always refill your bottle in the water stations of the park.

Advice 3. Parks are also a perfect location to spend calm evenings. However, I want to tell you one story guys that happened to me! I was chilling at the Jardines de Valle park late in the evening (before midnight) and just forgot about the time. When I wanted to go home at 1 am, I realized that all the gates of park were locked!!! So I got stuck in the park alone with a homeless guy who was looking for a place to sleep!!! What is more, few days ago my friend told me the story about the ghost of the queen who comes in the park every night (believe it or not)!!! I didn’t see any ghost but can you imagine the situation? I called the police and they sent the garden’s security man to set me free! Then I found out that all parks are open till midnight during summer time and till 10 pm during the other months. Remember it!

Advice 4. The cheapest prices of clothes in Europe are in Spain! If you don’t know what to do just go shopping!


I think Seville offers a lot of things to do after school or work. There is a lot of nice parks where to go for example to run. I usually like to take a jog in Maria Luisa park or Parque de los Príncipes. The parks are very nice and big and some of them also have outdoor gyms. If you prefer to go to an indoor gym instead, Seville offers a lot of beautiful gyms, just google “gimnasio en sevilla” and you can find a lot of good gyms close to your home.

If I don´t have power to do sport I might go to see a movie or a concert. Seville has many movie theatres, so you will probably find a movie you can watch in Spanish. I also like to go watch flamenco, there is almost every day a free flamenco shows in some bar, if you don´t want to pay a lot of a show.

And if you need new friends you can try couch surfing. A year ago, I went to a football game with my friend from school and people who she had met throe couch surfing. It was a very nice evening and I got to know new people. So, go and explore the city and make new friends!