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Erasmus survival kit

Essential Erasmus survival kit that you should buy before going abroad. Those who are already doing an exchange do not worry, you can also buy this here ;)

“You have been accepted for Erasmus exchange.” The sentence that brings up so many emotions. First of all happiness than worries, nervousness and again happiness, adrenalin, it is even hard to explain to someone that has never done that. However to be prepared for an Erasmus life as much as you can read what should an “Erasmus survival kit” contain. This is brought up by the students who have already done the Erasmus exchange and we could say that now they are experts in giving advices ;)


You know how much annoying noise can be when you are trying to sleep or study? You cannot prevent others not being nosy, so you just can use those simple earplugs that you put in your ears and voila you won’t hear anything that annoys you. You can buy them in pharmacy store and they are simple and cheap way to prevent noise – but you know what they say, it is better to join the party ;)

Wet wipes, disinfectant

Must have thing in every bag are those hygienic tissues that you can use when you are somewhere out and cannot wash your hands. It is safer to clean your hands before you eat something.

Pictures, quotes

Erasmus exchange can for someone be an exhausting roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes there can be days when you will miss your family, friends and stuff you leave at home. To motivate yourself and to easier survive this print your favorite pictures of your family, friends or quotes that motivates you and keep them close to you so you can look at them whenever you feel sad. As Jack Kerouck said:” At the end you won’t remember sitting in an office or moving your lawn. So climb that goddamn mountain” ;) 

Love, love, love…

We all have probably heard stories of some great loves that happened in Erasmus. You will meet so many people and it is possible that you will find your soul mate. So just make sure that you will be prepared if this happens. You know what we mean…right? :)