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The essentials to pack for your Erasmus in Sevilla

It’s almost the end of summer, time flies and your Erasmus semester will begin sooner than expected ! Here are a few tips and need-to-be-packed stuff before coming to Sevilla !

Documents - You know it, unforgettable.

National ID Card – It’s extremely necessary for any emergency. If you go outside of European Union don’t forget your passport ! More than this, if you have to chance to travel a bit during your stay, you’ll need it to visit Gibraltar, Portugal or Morocco.

European Health Insurance Card – This is necessary if you need medical assistance, and you are going to do Erasmus so you will probably need it one day. Even if we wish you an healthy stay in Sevilla.

Student ID Card – Good for discounts on museums and monuments in Sevilla (Alcazar, the cathedral…) Your soon-to-be broken bank account will thank you.

Driver’s License – If you plan to drive make sure you get an international driver’s license. That’s pretty easy to rent a car for a week end to visit the closest cities to Sevilla (Malaga, Granada, Cadiz, even Portugal!)
If you have no driver’s license, there are a lot of buses from Sevilla to all Andalusia, and the beach ;)


Local Currency – Make sure you bring at least a couple hundred Euros with you, just in case. If you need to take a taxi or a bus to reach your new place. Who knows what can happen?.
However be careful : don’t take large sums with you, or you might lose it.

Credit Card Bring a credit card for emergencies and take all the necessary information : for example the authorized withdrawals and the charges related.

Electronics-Don’t forget your chargers !!!

Bring your laptop, mobile and/or tablet.

Bring a set of conversion plugs with you so you can use any electronic devices you bring from home. Bring more than one as it’s really inconvenient to have to take turns charging your mobile, then your laptop, then using your hair dryer, etc.

Bilingual Dictionary-City Map

Cause sometimes it helps, google translate uses a lot of data, remember.
Same for googlemaps by the way ;)


First of all, you should know that in Sevilla you mostly walk or cycle. Be prepared, don't forget your sneakers.
Sevilla might be one of the warmest city of Spain, don’t forget that winter is still coming ! Choose wisely, the weather isn’t the same as your hometown.


Just bring the essentials and just enough for a week or two. Afterwards it should be easy for you to find some. You can make an exception for some special creams/conditionners/flagrance, of course.


Bring a backpack with you for everyday use. Even if your semester will be one of the most exciting experience of your life, don’t forget that you’ll miss your home too. Don’t hesitate to put tiny reminders like pictures or anything that might help you getting over this feeling in your backpack ;) 
Chuck in a camera for example! You will want to remember those fabulous moments you’ll spend in Sevilla.

The most important advice I can give you is to enjoy every moments of your Erasmus semester, from the moment you prepare it till you’re back home.