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Famous events in Spain

Probably you have already hear of these events before but check out their details :)

Tomato fight

The tomato fight or also known as Tomatina is the food event that takes place in tiny town called Buñol near to Valencia. It happens every year on the fourth Wednesday of August. Thousands of people come from all over the world to fight in the biggest food fight. Since 2013 the tickets are limited to the number of 20,000 participants. If you are one of lucky to get the ticket you can throw as many tomatoes as you can to others ;)

Bull run

One of the well know bulls run is a part of San Fermin festival which happens every year from July 6th to 14th in Pamplona. On 6th is opening ceremony known as chupinazo with fireworks and parties.From 7th to 14th is every morning the Bull Run and in the evening bull fighting in the city’s bullring. The main idea is getting the bulls from outside the city to bullring. The run starts at the corral in Calle Santo Domingo and usually lasts from three to four minutes where bulls are released and where runners are just 825 meters in front of the bulls. As you can imagine not everyone succeed to run away from the bulls.

Las Fallas

Las Fallas is a five day event that takes place in Valencia. The first four days each neighborhood of the city gather to create giant puppets which are later on 19 March set to fire. These leads to partying on the streets.

Feria de Sevilla

This event full of Spanish culture such as horses, bullfighting and flamenco happens every year two weeks after Easter holly week in Sevilla. It offers 24 hours of partying, parades and traditional music.


Traditional drum festival that takes place in San Sebastian is a huge parade with drumming on the streets. It happens every year24 hours from the evening of 19th January.