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Feria de Abril

One of the most important festivities in Sevilla is Feria de Abril, which takes place more or less two weeks after Semana Santa. If you’re wondering what exactly this famous fair is all about, you should take a look here!

Feria de Abril is a famous fair, highly appreciated by the Sevillians. The Fair is not settled in the center of the city, but in Los Remedios, where an entire colorful village is built right next to the city.  Currenly, we are in the middle of this fantastic week. You may not know everything yet about this festivity, so let us gave you some further information:


This festivity was born back in 1847 and was originally meant to be a market for animal and agricultural products, but it quickly became a cultural event for Sevilla. Today Feria is the greatest occasion to celebrate Andalusian folklore with traditional dances, local dresses and conviviality.


In the exhibition area are built the famous casetas, little wooden houses where people can enjoy the party with families and friends. There are more than one thousands houses, and even they’re mainly privates, few of them are public. So if you don’t have your own or don’t know anybody inviting you to enter a private one, you still have the chance to be involved in this convivial atmosphere!

Fancy clothes

What really brings you in the atmosphere of Feria de Abril is a dress..with a flower in your hair!Women’s dresses are called trajes de flamenco, and they’re exactly like the beautiful red or colorful skirts our minds go up to when thinking about Spain. Along the whole year a lot of shops in Triana and in the city center around Calle Feria sell traditional clothes for Feria, both new and second hand ones.Even if they’re really expensive you can easily buy a used one in a lot of shops in Sevilla for more or less 30-50 euros and you can also find something in charity shops, so that all the money you’ll pay can also be useful to help somebody else. The last chance is to rent the dress for few days, but the cost is pretty high!Men are always a little bit luckier when it’s up to get dressed, and for Feria they usually wear a fancy suit.


The most important dance in this time of the year is Sevillana, which is a particular type of Flamenco. Here in Sevilla this dance is really important and part of the culture, so that the majority of the people is able to dance it and a lot of lessons are taken in the weeks before Feria. But you can always improvise ;)

Fun for everyone

Feria de Abril is also a great occasion to let your fun side come into the light enjoying food, drinks and games with your friends or family and having fun for whole nights! Children can also find something to do, since around the fair a lot of fun activities are created just for them like amusement parks or going on a little tour around Feria on carriages leaded by horses with the whole family.This busy week always ends with amazing fireworks on Sunday night: the perfect way to keep this magical week into your memories until next year!

Not as much as in Semana Santa, but the city is going to be pretty busy for the whole week, since both foreign and Spanish tourists are attracted by this folkloristic festivity; we suggest you to use public transportation, that is usually improved right close to the fair area in order to move without problems.

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And most of all, HAVE FUN!