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Feria de Malaga

One of the best European festivals is right around the corner! The extravagant Feria de Malaga takes place every August in Malaga – located in Andalucía – and it lasts for almost 10 fun-filled days from 11th August to 20th. The nonstop party is one of the biggest and best-attended annual celebrations in Andalucía, and its’ heritage dates back to 1487.

The awesome festival pays homage to when Ferdinand and Isabella rode through Malaga in August of 1487 on horseback declaring the city’s freedom from the Moors and the return to its traditional Catholic roots.

In 1491, the Malaga City Council issued a decree allowing citizens and visitors to celebrate freely in honor of the city’s return to Catholicism. Nowadays, the festival has become a gigantic and splendid event filled with dancing, singing, drinking, tapas and great jubilation.

The party begins when a local celebrity - usually a famous footballer - reads a statement from the City Hall balcony announcing the beginning of the 10-day celebration. Afterwards, a massive fireworks display illuminates the night sky as dancers and musicians burst into flamenco while everyone gets ready to let loose.

During the day, citizens and visitors head to the downtown city centre to marvel at horse drawn carriages and hundreds of people dressed in traditional attire. People dine at ornately decorated food stalls that serve famous local dishes, sherry and the delicious sweet Malaga wine.

And at night, everyone flocks southwest of the city center to Cortijo de Torres where open air bars serve drinks and tapas to thousands of partiers. Every night there is a fireworks show, plenty of flamenco dancing and competitions among the flamenco groups, plus local musicians and bands energize the crowds with great music.

Finally, the Feria de Malaga takes place during Malaga’s bullfighting season, giving both long-time bullfighting fans and first-time viewers another reason to come to Malaga and join in its’ grand party.

If you've been to both Ferias (Sevilla and Malaga), you can tell that you had such great partys during your stay ! Enjoy everybody, maybe I'll see you there... ;)

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