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Festival Cines Sevilla

​Hi guys! It’s already Friday again, weeks are passing by… As well as the film festival, have you already went to see a movie? Tonight, and tomorrow are the last evening to go see a movie for an extremely cheap price!

In this link: you can see the calendar when which movie is playing. And I can tell you this it’s extremely cheap…. It’s only €3,60 per movie, comparing to the cinema prices in The Netherlands, where I come from, it’s insanely cheap. Here in Seville I could go see 3 movies for the same price of 1 movie in The Netherlands.

I went to see “A star is born” the other day, and I can really recommend you this movie. Especially if you are into some good music, you will like it for sure. I went to see this movie in the cinema at Plaza de Armas, because here they have English movies, with Spanish subtitles. Because synchronizing English movies with Spanish voices, is really a thing here, and since my Spanish is still not that good I am happy there is an English cinema.

However, if you’re not in town this weekend, you can also visit the cinema on another day. The tickets are still not so expensive, as they might be in other countries, you’ll need to pay around 5€-6€ for a normal 2D film. And depending where you live, you can choose between some cinemas. For example, in the city center there are Avenida cino cines Union, which shows film in their original language and Cinesa Plaza de Armas, which both are next to Plaza de Armas, or Multicines, which you can find next to Alameda. And if you’re living in Nervion then maybe City cinema in the mall Los Arcos or Cines Nervion Plaza might be a better option for you.

And at least, some of our recommendations of films you need to see:
Fantastic beast: The crimes of Grindelwald, for all Harry Potter lovers
Bohemian Rhapsody, tells the story of the band Queen, a classic!
For all Marvel fans: Venom
And the for everybody who loves a good thriller: Bad times at the El Royale.