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First Day Worries

¡Hola! Last Friday I arrived in the sunny Seville. As it is my first time in Seville, and I did not know anything or anyone here, and I was worried about a few things. My biggest worries were finding my way in this big city and my room, what to do, and the language, which a barely speak.

So, the first worry came when I landed at the airport and I had to find a way to get to the city center. Before my flight, I had already searched for how I could get to the city center, and the bus was the easiest and cheapest outcome. I had thought about the pick-up service of RoomSevilla, but I liked it more to discover it all on my own. It was really easy to find the bus and it took me about 20 minutes to get to the station of San Sebastian. From there I started my walk to RoomSevilla. The walk was quite difficult, as I had to walk with my 35kg luggage, and the streets were not always suitcase-proof. Also, the sun was not helping, since it was warm and I wore winter clothes (it was a lot warmer than in my home country, the Netherlands). But I arrived, with the help of Google Maps, and got my key!

When I arrived in my room, and after I discovered everything on the floor and met a few flat mates, I felt already a bit more at ease. I had found my way to my room, I met a few people already, and I had unpacked everything. But then, the next challenge, going for grocery shopping in a place where a barely speak the language, with also the question “what should I eat on my first evening?”. I first wanted to go out for dinner, but since I did not know where to go, and as I was quite tired, I just went to the supermarket and searched for something easy to make. Luckily, just around the corner of where I life, I found a supermarket. I got something easy to eat and I went to wait in the queue. But then the cashier started speaking in Spanish, and I have little knowledge about the language, so I had no clue of what she said. She noticed immediately, and just pointed at the things, and it worked out!

So, when I was back in my room again, eating my food, I was quite satisfied with my first day in Seville. I found my way, with the bus and Google Maps it is really easy, I found my room and met the other flat mates, I did my first grocery shopping, and I saw already a little bit of this beautiful city. So, naturally, I worried a lot for nothing. That weekend, the next step was investigating Seville in the beautiful weather, before I would start my internship here at RoomSevilla on Monday. :)