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Hola Chicas y Chicos! You are all arriving in the next month or have already arrived! We want to say welcome to all of you! First of all, we would like to introduce ourselves. We are 4 girls doing our internship at RoomSevilla. (From left to right: Julia --> Diana --> Lotta --> Ausra)

Hi everyone!! I am Julia. I come from the Netherlands, and I am studying International Business and Languages in Rotterdam. I am living on Calle Porvenir, also a house from RoomSevilla J During my free time, I love to hang out with friends, go to the beach, do some shopping and I am a big horse lover.I cannot wait to meet and welcome you in the office!

Heey my name is Diana, I was born in Russia and moved to Germany when I was 6. So, you can also easily contact us in German or Russian, if you want to. Right now, I’m in my 5th semester and studying multilingual communication in Cologne, Germany. In my free time, I like to go to the gym, to the beach, to dance and to meet new people. Looking forward to seeing you! 

Hi everyone! I´m Lotta and I´m from Helsinki, Finland. I am studying business administration and I will be working at Roomsevilla until the end of January. I have now been in Seville for a few weeks, but I have been here many times before, because I have done my internship here, visited my friends and done a Spanish course. In my free time I go to the gym and hang out with my friends. I hope to see many of you in the office this autumn and if you have any questions I can help you in Swedish, Finnish, English and a bit in Spanish also. Enjoy your stay in Seville!

I am Ausra from Lithuania! I know my name seems weird but I can explain! Translated to English it means Dawn or that phenomena of sunrise and in Spanish it is the same as Alba. One sentence that describes me the best is: “I am a wild soul into the active body”! It means that I spend all my spare time exploring Sevilla, no matter when. I found out that the best time for new adventures are late in the evening or at night and I also found out that during the siesta it’s better to stay at home with an air conditioner!! But there is just 1 thing even better than this: Go to the freezing supermarket or go hiding into the narrow streets of Sevilla. So, I can let you know what to do in Sevilla for every time of the day!

For all your questions you can contact us via the WhatsApp of RoomSevilla: +34 663 383 986 or by e-mail:

In our next blog, we will give you some recommendations from things or restaurants that we have already done/visited in the city.