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Hispanic Day

Hi guys! This friday it´s hispanic day! This means we´re all free! In this blog we will explain you why you are free on this specific day and what Hispanic day is.

Why Hispanic day?

Christopher Columbus started his trip to then the still unknown America on 3rd of August in 1492. On the 12th of October in the same year he landed on an island, which is now part of the Bahamas in the Caribbean. That´s why the 12th of October is also seen as a ¨discovery day¨ in the Bahamas and other latin american countries. In the US they celebrate this day every second Monday in October.

And BTW did you know, Columbus actually only reached the mainland of the US in 1498. First he was only seeing the islands around it.

The biggest celebration of Hispanic day is held in Madrid, the capital of Spain. The king and priminister have a big role in the celebrations. Throughout the day there is a bit parade though the entire city. Apart from the huge parade in Madrid, there are plenty of other celebrations in the rest of the country.

What happens on Hispanic day in Sevilla?

First of all, we want to warn you that most shops and stuff will be closed during the day. But, restaurants, bars, museum, etc. will be open. Also, take into account that public transport will follow the holiday schedule!

Moreover, in Sevilla there is not something really special happening. But of course, as always, there are parties and visits!!!

1. FreakyFriday @Monasterio

2. Palacio de las dueñas visita nocturna

3. El Charco Malo de Cortelazor

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