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How to motivate yourself in the new academic year

The new academic year is coming closer and closer. We have to accept that holidays are coming to an end and we have to find a way to motivate ourselves to work! Here are some useful tips to make science your friend instead of your worst enemy.

1. Take care of the aura

Before you sit down to study, ventilate your room, clean your desk, prepare a glass of water and a snack. Make sure that the surrounding does not distract you during your study, remove all unnecessary objects from your desk. If your music makes it easier for you to focus, you can find special playlists at Spotify designed to make learning easier.

2. Throw all unnecessary thoughts out of your head

Try not to think about anything else while you're studying. Focus on acquiring as much knowledge as possible and try to forget all other worries.

3. Try to learn systematically

We all know it's very difficult. I think that this is one of the main provisions that every student sets himself at the beginning of the academic year, but hardly anyone will manage to achieve it. Believe in yourself and show others that you can do it! And that systematic learning really makes life easier and helps to avoid stress before important exams.

4. Take a breaks during your study

Remember, don't start to study at the last minute. This makes us even more stressed and makes us try to assimilate a lot of material in a very short time. This is a big mistake! During the learning process it is best to take a 5-minute break at least to clear your mind. 

5. Buy yourself new notebooks and other useful gadgets

I think that nice notebooks and other articles supporting learning can make it very pleasant for us. Before the start of the academic year, go to the store and buy yourself new notebooks, pens and other useful articles that will make you start learning much more enjoyable.