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How to spend Christmas if you are alone in Sevilla

As it is known, not every country has direct flights from Sevilla and sometimes it is really complicated to get home. Also during the festive season flights are enormous expensive! If because of this or some other reason you have decided to spend Christmas in Sevilla, check out for some recommendations how to avoid sadness and to take all the advantages Sevilla can offer!

Create magical atmosphere at home

The most important thing is to create a festive and cozy mood in your apartment! Even if you have some lights on the wall or a small Christmas tree around you, it’s much more easier to enjoy this magical season. Then watching some traditional Christmas movie and drinking hot chocolate or Gluhwein in the bed is such a pleasure! By the way, many Chinese shops are full of Christmas decorations and everything there is quite cheap.

Build a community

If you think that you are the only one who decided to celebrate Christmas here, you are wrong! There are many international students in the same situation as you and probably majority of them have no plan. You could post in Erasmus or some other groups in order to build a new community and to make a plan together! It’s perfect time to make new friends and to enjoy the fullest.

Time for the gifts

Gift yourself something! As Sevilla is full of not only cozy clothes and jewelries shops but also traditional workshops, it’s impossible to ignore all that beautiful shop displays! Christmas markets in the streets also catch attention whenever you pass by them, so it's perfect time to decide what do you want to gift to yourself this year, and do it! Before buying a gift to yourself, find out 5 reasons why you are worth it :) We are sure you were good this year!

Look for a Christmas events

Even if you are alone or in a small group of people, there are a lot of Christmas events in Sevilla you just can’t miss! You can find a lot of options in Facebook and other events platforms of Sevilla, also don’t forget to check our newsletter in order to know the best of the best events in the city! :)

Cook delicious food

Look for some tasteful recipes and make a really good meal or some of them! You can try to cook a turkey, even if it’s impossible to eat it by yourself and the rest of it probably will be for neighbours! Also don’t forget about gingerbread cookies. Couldn’t be better smell for Christmas than this!

Connect with your family

As this magical season also is called family time, don’t forget to call or even better to facetime your family and friends. It’s always good to know that everyone is doing great and to be like an union even if you are far away from them. The distance is nothing if we have an internet connection! :)