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how to stop being lazy in hottest days of Sevilla?

Probably many of us knows very well the big obstacle called lazyiness? Yes , it is one of the reasons in fails of exams, procrastination and even some dissapoinments in ourselves, especially if you can call yourself a perfectionist ;) So there are some tips to overcome this annoying habit, since the hot Andalusian weather makes it even worse! :)

Number one - Have big and precise goals

Even if you don have one, i am sure that there are some important things in your life, like finishing your studies and getting degree, finding a dream job, achiving something in different sports or even just travelling abroad. So if you have one of these aims or something special, just make a reminder of it to motivate yourself and write it down as a wish ( works in 99%, if you really you want it!) 

Number two - write "to-do lists" for everyday

So as lon as you know what you dream about or wish, it will not be difficult to make small steps towards to the goal. To not to confuse yourself a lot, for the beginning just write down what really bothers you or tasks with strict deadlines to finish them as soon as it possible! After completing some daily tasks, such as buying something to house or writing a big letter to someone ( yes sometimes we even delay even with this kind of staff), to reach your big goal try to divide your job into small parts for everyday. For example, watching online lesson every evening and of course take it seriously!

Number three - Get rid of the distractions

Nowadays with a ton of social media, TV series and technology in general it is really easy to get distracted and spent half of the day doing literally "nothing". When you do your work on your computer, it is always tempting to surf on Facebook, YouTube and many others, which consume your time really quickly, and you don´t know how and suddenly the sun is down. Log out from all of the platforms, turn off your notifications and also mobile data in case you want to continue on your smartphone ;)

Number four - Change your environment

Our productivity often depends on environment which we work in. While at home, you can easily get a little bit sleepy and just want to snuggle in your bed. If you are seeking silence, you can work on your projects in the library. Some people prefer just to go to their favorite cafeteria, and get the work done with a cup of coffee.

Number five - Stay in touch with people who inspire you or has already achieved the goal

This can give you a quite big motivation, to see that there are people who are achieving the goal, and that it is not impossible to achieve it in a little time.