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La Romería del Rocío

The Romería del Rocío is a popular and religious celebration which takes place in Almonte, a town in the province of Huelva.

This year is on the 20th of May. It attracts nearly a million people from across Andalucia and the entire country. Every Andalusian city, town and village has its own pilgrimages, for its patron saint, virgin or other much-loved local figure. During the previous week, the different brotherhood of Rocío set off their village to stay on Saturday there and to participate in the ceremonies.

There are 4 principal routes:

-El camino de Sanlúcar: it crosses the Parque Nacional de Doñana and is used by people who come from Cádiz;

-El camino de los Llanos: it goes from Almonte and is the most ancient;

-El camino de Moguer: for people who comes from Huelva;

-El camino Sevillano: it is the route used by the brotherhood of the rest of Spain and of the world.

People make the journey with the horse, wagon or on foot dress with the flamenco dress. During the day the pilgrims advance with joy and singing while, during the night, they have a party in which they sing, dance and eat; they sleep outdoors.

On Saturday morning, at 12, the brotherhood of Almonte, which is in charge of organizing the worships and the remora of the Virgen, with the Alcalde de la villa, welcome all the brotherhoods and start to file, with an age order, with the simpecado (the symbol of the brotherhood) in front of the principal door of the sanctuary while the bells ring and people sing a canticle to the Virgin.

On Sunday of Pentecost, at 10, it is celebrated the pontifical mass; when it finishes the pilgrims go closer to the houses of the brotherhood.