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Noche de San Juan

Although it might seem like summer has already started here in Andalusia, tonight will be The Night of San Juan which celebrates the summer solstice marking the longest the day of the year and officially the beginning of Summer!

This night is celebrated all over the northern hemisphere and here in Andalusia, you can be sure to have one of the most extraordinary nights at the beach filled with bonfires, fireworks, music and exciting rituals used to give strength to the sun for the summer to come. 


Traditionally, in Granada they celebrate a little differently by running through the streets of Lanjarón in 'La Carrera del Agua´(Water Run) between 12am and 1am. It is normal to use anything you can possibly find like water guns, balloons, hoses, buckets, so in short, time to get creative!


Playa de la Misericordia is one of the best places to enjoy the nightlong party. Here is where you will come across Júas, rag dolls made especially for the occasion from sawdust or paper and burned in the bonfires. These dolls are used to represent a popular character that has been big news this year - just maybe not for the right reasons.. 

A big tradition is to jump over fire three times as a symbol of purification, so if you're looking to do so, please don't use hairspray girls, you don't want to know what could happen.. 


Be sure to make your way to Punta Umbría where a certain Daddy Yankee is giving a private concert and you can buy your tickets here!  As every province has their own variations of rituals, one of them is writing wishes or sins on a piece of paper and burning it to show a new beginning. As well as this it is not uncommon to wash your face and feet three times in order to be granted three wishes and a happy twelve months. 

No matter where you are tonight, make sure to get yourself to a beach or a great viewpoint from where you can celebrate with your own version of these mythical rituals and embrace the beauty of this magical day. 

                       "I woke up early this morning

                               to greet the sun.

                            I spread rose petals,

                              danced in the mist,

                          frosted lemon cupcakes,


                        When I got ready for work,

                           I put glitter on my cheeks

                                  and in my hair.

                            My coworkers laughed,

                              but enjoyed the food.

                   Tonight, we’re soaking up the sunset

                              and lighting a bonfire.

                     Tomorrow, I will probably regret

                the glitter and smoke clinging to my hair.

                          But today it’s the solstice.

                           Today is for celebration."