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The nightlife in Seville

The nightlife in Seville is very good, there are a lot of bars and clubs where you can have an unforgettable night. Here are some of our own recommendations we like to share with you:


The nightlife of Seville can be one of the biggest adventures of your life! There are many different places to spend evening for students. I already tried some places and found out which spots are worth attention! Firstly, it depends on context and on your mood. If you want to talk with your friends and grab some easy drinks you should visit the Alameda de Hércules. It is a garden square or mall in Seville with a lot of different bars and restaurants. Furthermore, it is called the heart of the nightlife of Seville! 

As well as, if you want to spend time in the atmosphere of loud music, dance, smoke shisha or grab some drinks, the best option is Muelle New York located next to the river!! Chilly atmosphere, good vibes, beautiful lightening, tanned bodies and unforgettable evening are waiting for you. There are more bars next to the river as Iguanas, Manhattan and others you should visit during your stay here. 

A great place to take a drink before going out is the terrace of Hotel EME, located next to the Cathedral of Sevilla. There you can enjoy the beautiful view from the top and try nice cocktails.

Secondly, don’t forget to try Tinto de Verano (traditional Spanish drink which includes wine and juice). In the shop you can buy the whole bottle just for 1 Eur.! It is important to highlight that in the city center of Seville is pretty safe and quite at night time. There are not much people on the streets, but police officers are on duty every time and there are a lot of cameras. So, pick a place to go out and start a new chapter in your life!

(Picture taken from the terrace of Hotel EME)


When I go out I usually like to sit in a bar next to the river before going to a club. Normally I go to El Embarcadero, Manhattan or New York and after that I move to a bigger club.

El Embarcadero Triana is located on Calle Betis, it´s a small bar just next to the river. First it can be a bit hard to find it, because there is just a small entrance and then you walk down the stairs to the bar. I like this place because the view is just amazing. You can enjoy a beer sitting straight ahead to Torre del Oro.

Manhattan River Bar Sevilla & Muelle New York are both located next to the river Paseo de las Delicias. I like these places because usually there is tables where you can sit down, and you can enjoy drinks with your friends in a good atmosphere. The music in both places are good and if you feel like dancing it is also possible, because there is also a small dancefloor.

If I really feel like dancing I usually go to bigger clubs. Now when the outside terraces are still open I prefer to go the them. My own favourites are Terraza Bilindo and Terraza Líbano which are located on Paseo de las Delicias, and Terraza Casino which is located on just next to Maria Luisa Park. I like these places because you can dance the hole night until the morning. 

(Picture taken from El Embarcadero Triana) 


Additional, to the places which were already recommended from the other girls you also have to visit Calle Mateos Gago. You won’t find this street in every ‘’Sightseeing Sevilla’’ book, but that’s exactly the reason why you should go there. The street is crowded but more with local people and that gives the street that special kind of atmosphere. Also, Calle Mateos Gago is directly in the city center and right behind the cathedral so you can reach it very easily. However, you have to keep in mind that this street is maybe not the best option for you if you want to go to the club, it’s more for ‘’drinking-cerveza-eating-tapas-and-chatting’’ kind of evenings. So, if you go there you will have several bars to choose between, but you should try to sit down in as many bars as you can because each of them have an individual atmosphere. 

(Picture taken from a tapas bar on Calle Mateos Gago)


I only arrived three weeks ago, and have already been to so many nice places. Together with my roommates we always start the evening with a nice dinner, some Tapas in Alfalfa. Some restaurants for tapas that I can recommend are: Casaplata, El Fullero, Bar Alfalfa, Sal Gorda, etc. After tapas we usually start with some drinks (Gin-Tonic!!!) in Alameda. In Alameda, we usually go to Café Central and Eureka. To end the night, we go to Malendar, this is a really cool club near the river with really cool music.

If you want to have a more “quite” night, I can recommend you the Gigantes bar in Alameda for a nice cocktail. Since I am only here since 3 weeks, I still have to visited and find out about other places. So please if you have a cool recommendation please let us know!!! :)

(Picture taken from Gigantes bar, Alameda)