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Other Ways of Enjoying Semana Santa in Sevilla

From the 25th of March to the 1st of April, Seville will live at the rhythm of Semana Santa. Streets in the centre will be closed and overcrowded by people. Moving around will become really difficult. If you're not an especially religious person, here are some fun ideas of what you can do in Seville and the surroundings to avoid the madness!

Practice your Spanish watching series on Netflix
If you don’t feel like being squeezed between unknown people for hours, waiting for los pasos to start, then the best option is to stay home. So, you might as well make it productive. Start watching a Hispanic TV show in Spanish with Spanish subtitles and write down in a notebook the new vocabulary you’re learning. La Casa de Papel and Las Chicas del Cable are both on Netflix and they are really good series!

Staying with TV shows, go visit the places where some scenes of your favorite series were shot
If you’re a true Game of Thrones fan, then you know that most of the scenes happening in Dorne (season 5) were shot in different places of Seville. Some of them are: las Canteras de Osuna, el Estanque de Mercurio or los Jardines de los Reales Alcazares (although this one might be hard to reach because of the processions).


Try the Arab baths
Maybe it’s time that you spend money on yourself and get a treat! Go to the Arab baths to enjoy a nice relaxing time. They are located on Calle Aire,15 and offer different treatments: relaxing massages, aromatherapy and also natural juices!


Sleep with sharks
No, it’s not as scary as it seems! The Seville Aquarium offers you the opportunity to spend a night with sharks. Don’t worry about anything, just pack a bag with your pyjama because they will provide the sleeping bags and the dinner.

Speleologists for a day
Between Seville and Cadiz, there is a company specialized in adventurous sports called Afodeporte. They offer you the amazing opportunity of visiting impressive caves, with all the speleologist equipment! This is a great way of escaping the madness of the city during Semana Santa.

Visit Isla Margarita
We all know the myth of Holy Week always being a rainy week in Seville, but you may never know, sun might shine one day! So, if it does, rent a car and go explore la Sierra Norte de Sevilla to enjoy the beautiful scene of the waterfalls of La Fabrica del Pedroso. You could also visit the Reserva del Castillo de las Guardas