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Outdoor activities by Guadalquivir river

If you’re staying in Seville during spring you might enjoy doing some open air activities as long as the temperature is not too hot. Along the river Guadalquivir is really easy to see people practicing different types of sport and activities, enjoying sun and nature just next to the city center.

You may have noticed that here in Spain is really common to exercise and a lot of people love to go to the gym, so these outdoor activities represent good alternatives if you want to breathe fresh air while staying active!

Riding bike

Just like in the rest of the city, bikers can find a specific path for them to be used used along the river. A long distance cycle path can take you from the northern side of the city to the southern one, also allowing bikers to move really fast avoiding traffic. All you need for this activity is a bike, whichis pretty easy and cheap to rent or buy second hand in Seville.


For the more adventurous ones a different way to sightsee the city is using a kayak. You can rent it by your own or organize a guided group excursion with your friends, just asking to one of the different agencies along the riverbank. This sport might require physical effort and not be too cheap, but it’s for sure one of the most particular ways to take a look at this wonderful city from a different point of view!

Skateboarding and roller skating

Passing just behind Plaza de Armas, in the center of the city, it’s also possible to find a skateboarding park with ramps and rails. A lot of young skaters go there to spend free time especially during the afternoon or in the weekends. Skating boards and skating boots can be bought or rented in few dedicated shops around the same area. If you like skating or skateboarding this is the perfect place for you to practice your favorite sport with some people who have the same passion..and with the river as a background!

Running and walking

The easiest and most affordable way to enjoy the riverbank is for sure by foot, whether running or walking. Early in the morning and late in the afternoon runners of different age crowd the walk path to do some fitness before or after university and job, while for the whole day and by night tourists and local persons just walk and hike along the river.


Last but not least, if you’re not in the mood of exercising or the rising temperature is challenging your ability to stay active, you can just chill by the river with friends or by your own. Having a picnic, playing some instruments, reading a book are just some ways to chill by the river..and you can eventually have a siesta, which may be considered a sport during andalusian summer!

Moreover, at this time of the year the sun goes down pretty late in Seville, so that it’s possible to appreciate the river even after a lot of hours spent studying or working.

Such a nice way to end the day, don’t you think?