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Part 2 - Lotta and Julia

Hi people, Here you can find the updates of Lotta and Julia, we said that they would be here on Wednesday but later we thought would be better to first post something about Hispanic day. Hope you all had good long weekend. And wish you the best of luck for the new week. Hope you enjoy reading.


I fell in love with Seville years ago, when I did my internship here. I have been visiting a lot of cities, also in Spain, but I remember that the first time I came here I felt like I am home. And after that I have been visiting Seville I always I have felt the same.

For me the is just amazing, every day when I walk around the city I see some beautiful new things and I noticed that I´m always smiling. For me this city has everything you need, football, sun, nice weather, warm people and great food. I love football so here I have the opportunity to see it live. Because the city is small, so it is easy to walk everywhere. And during these past months I have been walking at least 8km every day and at the weekends I easily walk 16km. There is also a lot of nice bars and restaurants where I enjoy spending time with my friends. I like that you can sit outside and grab a beer. In Finland it is very cold and usually you can sit at the terrace and take a beer just during few weeks in the summer, because otherwise you will be freezing.

I like this city because there is always happening something on the streets. La bienal flamenco, Festival de las naciones, Noche en blanco, Semana Santa and a lot of more to see. And because there is so much happening, you never get bored to live here. And a lot of these events you can experience for free, so you can also save some money.

I have had a great time this past few months and I know I will have also in the future. I will do picnics in park, go to movie with my friends and go to bachata lessons. I hope you all will enjoy your time in Seville and explore and enjoy as much as I have.


It’s been 10 weeks almost. And to say it very simple, I am enjoying Sevilla a lot! I have already met so many cool people and have done a lot of nice things.

What did I do so far… Many trips to the beach, many many parties, a weekend trip to Tarifa and to Bilbao. I can highly recommend Tarifa, a really nice/cute city with amazing beaches around.

I again fell in love with the Spanish culture, it’s so much more easy going than the Dutch culture. Although sometimes I miss the directness of the Dutch people.

Last weekend, my friends from the Netherlands visited me and I enjoyed it so much to show them around and tell them all about Sevilla and I can’t wait to show my mum around next month.

And what I also noticed, living here went so easily, you meet people quickly, you learn things quickly, how to get around, speaking spanish, which food to order/buy and so on. People, just make the best out of it and have the best experience ever!!!